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Lately I have been noticing members posting pages and pages worth of shots of the exact same subject in the exact same pose with the exact same exposure. They're mostly unedited and are mostly just pics of collections or (don't get mad please new parents!) infants. Here is my request. Please please please take the time to sort through your vast collections and share the most exceptional pictures instead of posting every single one! When you post several pages worth of unedited content, it tends to bury others who only posted one or two pics under a heaping pile of content that most of us wont take the time to sort through. I realize that this is going to upset and offend more than a few people, but I firmly believe this is becoming an issue that should be addressed by the community. So please, post a few well edited well composed shots instead of the contents of your entire memory card. Thanks for considering.

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That is what I do use the sort menu but I would like to see the latest that does not have pages and pages of the same person.

The most popular I have commented on.

If the beaches of the world were lined with diamonds instead of sand, the diamonds would lose their value. If the photos that we like and comment on are not worth going back 10 or even 20 pages to find them, are they really worth any effort at all? I have no trouble seeing the diamonds in the beach sand. But if every grain of sand is a diamond, then only the best and brightest among them will be selected. That would put us right back to where we started... people complaining that THEIR photos are overlooked.  

I comment even if I do not post a image myself that day.

Not complaining about my images sir, just stating that posting 140 images of the same thing, or posting your vacation pictures all at once is excessive.

The point here is that this site is not supposed to be only for "Diamonds" but people using it should be at least considerate of others.

Perhaps the site could be set up so that when a user performs a memory card dump to the site, their images are not auto-magically thrust upon the entire community, and at that point they may choose the images that they would like the community to see and comment on.

I like that

OK, sorry. I am done. 



But, not all of us feel it is broken and there is the maxim, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Yesterday I had to wade through 200 crap images posted by the same person before reaching something worth a comment. Its the same every day. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

I fully agree, Jared. I have gone out of browsing through the photos as I come across many such repeated postings of unedited pictures and tend to see the highlighted ones regularly. But then, no matter how ugly one's child is, for the parent he or she is the prettiest one out there...someone put a quote on facebook recently and it makes much sense: Look at your photographs as if it was taken by someone else. While it's easy to say that, it's damn difficult to practice! I hope people take heed to your thread, it's very valid!
I think a limit of 20 per day is enough. 200 is far high for people to start putting all kind of junk every day...


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