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Hey. i m new in photography and i m learing ..

so want to by a profestional camera..

so please tell me which one i buy.??

it should be not that much costly and come around $500 - 600.

so which are the best options.??

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Your price range is far to low to get a "professional" camera, though a lower end dslr is possible, like the Nikon D3100. I would suggest looking at used equipment. Adorama has a large selection on the website. Even here, your choices would be severely limited in this price range, as a decent lens would use up most of your budget. Remember, 90% of an image is the skill of the photographer, and maybe 10% the equipment, so at this point concentrate more on learning, and less on equipment.

thanks a lot..

 i m also thinking about D3100. and u r right skills are more imp..

so it is gud if i buy D3100..??

If you have to stay in that budget range, and you're wanting a professional camera it may be tough to find one.  Ignore the Canon vs Nikon vs Olympus or Pentax discussions.  They're silly.  Look instead for the features you want.  Do you need more pixels but don't care much for how fast the motordrive goes?  Are you needing high frames per second but don't have a need for large files?  Those are the things to consider.  If your budget is capped at $600.00 check E-Bay, KEH or Amazon for used cameras.  Also, be aware that professional cameras are often sold without a lens so you'll need to be sure to check to see what lenses are compatible.  Whether a camera is "professional" or not is more in the hands of the user than in the particular brand or model number.  Getting professional results is more a product of what's in your brain than what's in your hand.  A really good photographer will be able to get amazing result with nearly any camera.  More sophisticated cameras only make it easier to get really good, or really bad results. 




Here's a link to a very good camera.  I used one of these for several years and got some very nice photographs with it.  It isn't the latest and greatest but is a very good camera.





I agree with Nathan,

many years ago, my friend used the S3  for weddings and i was always stunned by the quality of the skin tones it produced with little or no processing.

Another pro camera is the Canon 5D (not the new 5Dll) which you may find used within your budget.


hey i like to take pics from very close distance and natural ..

so what there natural exprience are captured..

And i also want to ask you. like some time wen i m on bike , and i want to take picture of some object.

so if i take the pic. it is nt clearly captured. so what should i have to do that the picture will come clear.?



Canon's T3 is their version of the D3100 they are very similar. I think D3100 has more options for creative shooting I think. Nathan is right, I have used mostly Nikon but early this year I bought a Canon T2i and I love it. I would gladly use either one. If you do get into one of these "entry level" types, there is plenty to learn and keep you busy for a while. PLEASE do not fall into the trap that a better camera will make you a better photographer learn it then you'll earn it!! I will make this suggestion, learn how to use all your manual settings first. You can always go back and play with the auto stuff but if you learn how to control your camera you will be way ahead of the game. You will have SO much creative control you will be amazed! Don't be discouraged, it will take time but trust me, it will be worth it in the end!! Good look, and I look forward to seeing some of your work!

Thanks Dora.

ya i know skills are imp.. so i try to take more and more photos. to improve my photography..

and so i buy D3100..? 

i m leaner so many of tyms my photos are nt that much gud , which i wanted. and i m also trying to learn more slills and tecniques of photography..


Someone on this site once posted something that I have always remembered. It may have been Nathan?? Anyway, he spoke of how he went to a friends' home for a meal and after showing some of his photography work, they remarked, "Wow, you must have amazing equipment." He said that when he got ready to leave for the evening, he thanked them for the meal and said, "you must have some amazing pots". TRUE TRUE TRUE! It's true nicer cameras do have nicer features, but it's good to learn it first. There are so many details involved with quality photography. I have made SO many mistakes! But I feel that everytime I go out, I get just a little bit better. I have the T3i which cost about $900 brand new and I love it!


Good luck and I also look forward to seeing your work!

Thanks Janna

i know i have to learn lots of thinks about photography.. its is the begining.

so i will try to take pictures of lots of thing like ( human , object , trees , buildings etc.)

HI i'm new in photography too and so after i talked to some friends and people and since i had a low budget too i decided to go for a used Canon 350D for about $250 and after some time that i spent with my Canon Powershot S2 IS and playing with its manual features I bought a midrange all-around lense (Sigma DC 17-70mm 1:2.8-4.5) for $508. So in total $760 and im very happy with what i got is an expensive hobby and although i didnt get professional stuff im still learning ! I'm sure you can find equivelant equipment for a lesser price than what i paid.Best of luck and have a good time whatever you get


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