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Question re short term use of Windows for photo management

I'm set up great on my mac but am taking my little Dell netbook with me to India next week. I'd used it overseas 2 years ago and was frustrated but they were much longer trips and I was trying to do too much.

I'm looking for something really just to download into, take a quick look/delete the really bad ones, copy them on to other storage device, put a few up on FB or flickr. I shoot raw and could do raw/jpg but that would take up a lot more space on cards, computer, other storage.

Already on the computer are PSE8 (I find the windows organizer much more complicated than bridge, not to mention irritating but I've been working with LR since then and am more comfortable with the concept of having to do everything IN the program) and Picassa (which I downloaded while on my last trip and never really could figure out how to keep things basic). Any suggestions for the best way to use either one for this purpose greatly appreciated.

I hope this makes sense. And, thanks.

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Try Nikon View NX' it is on the CD that came with your camera. That is all I use to look at the photographs and you can edit as well

EXCELLENT idea! Any idea how to get it onto a computer that doesn't have a CD drive? Could I put it on another one and somehow copy it to a USB drive to move it over? AND, can it be used for my LX5 images also?

Ask your friends and see if one has a portable CD Drive or yes it might install from a USB stick.

Also View is now version two, that is on your Nikon web site

great. much appreciated

Nikon View will display any JPEG file.  It will not display raw files from the Lumix.  The web page I looked at said the Lumix comes with PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.0 HD Edition, SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.1 SE .  You could use those programs with the Lumix and Nikon View for the Nikon files.  Raw files are proprietary formats and even vary from one model to another by the same manufacturer.

The drive on my notebook is too small.  I purchased a 1TB USB drive which is less than half an inch thick and powered by the USB port on the computer.  My plan is to use it when downloading from the camera's cards, then burn DVD's.  I should have enough capacity to leave all the files on the drive, so when I get home, I can just plug that drive into my desktop machines to copy the files to their drives.  I use Elements 8 on my notebook and may eventually have to upgrade to a different version when I get my next body, but I don't use the organizer, I just use Windows Explorer, the Canon ZoomBrowser EX or Digital Photo Professional to move and view files.

Take a 1tb slave drive along to save your raw files on. I take a 1tb slave drive with me on trips.


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