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May 22, 2010

Using Photoshop CS 3 Extended, how do you resize a wallet size photograph to a 4 X 6
photograph? And what resolution do you have to scan the wallet size photo at?


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Scan the wallet at 4x6 @300 dpi. Select the cropping tool from the tools menu set the dimensions at 4 by 6 @300 dpi.
Use the cropping to to crop the photograph. Voila, a 4x6 @300 dpi. There are several methods. This is a simple one.
Hi Nathan,

I will try this..
Corey Baker from NAPP told me last November at the Photoshop Seminar how to do this, but I misplaced my notes. What I remember was: Scan the wallet size photo at a high resolution, (I don't remember at what resolution), Open the Image Menu in Photoshop CS 3 Extended, set the Height and Width to 4 X 6, but I do not remember the rest of what he said. When I did it, I was able to print a 4 X 6 Photograph after resizing the wallet size photograph.
Any suggestions?

Will this make the photograph a 4 X 6 photograph?
Yes, but Let's back up. You want to make a wallet print into a 4x6. It's very simple. A typical wallet print is 2.25 x 3.25. Scan the wallet print and set the size of the scan, on your scanner, to 4x6 @300 DPI. If you have to scan it at 2.25 x 3.25 (100%) simply set the resolution of the scan to 600dpi or 900dpi. Make the scan and the file you get will be sized to approximately 4x6 @ 300 dpi. If it requires cropping just set your cropping dimensions to 4x6@ 300 dpi. I was worn out when I posted the last instructions and wasn't thinking clearly.
Let see if this works..
Scan the wallet size photos at 600DPI save them. Open Photoshop, Open the wallet size photo, go to Image, Open Image with the scanned photo in it, go to resize, it should show theoriginal size of the wallet size photos, change the Height and Width to the 4 X 6 size.
I think that might work. Let me know..
in this instance use the cropping tool and set its size to 4x6@300 dpi. 2.25 x3.25 may not be exactly proportional to 4x6, which is what you want. Crop the photograph with the cropping tool. It is the simplest way to get to 4x6@ 300dpi.
May 26, 2010
Hi Nathan,
Yes, My Wallet size photos are 2.25 X 3.25. I first scanned the Photographs at 600 DPI. I used the Cropping Tool in Photoshop CS 3 Extended, I set it at 4 X 6 at 300DPI, I was able to have 4 X 6 pictures made after uploading it to Snapfish.
It worked just fine. Thank you.
I have another question for you, In my HP PC, OS is Vista Home Premium 32, I had HP's Essentials, which was never working the way I liked it, I have Microsoft Office 2007, which has Picture Manager, this program takes all your pictures you have ever put into your computer and sorts them by month and year, so I uninstalled HP's Essentials, everything works OK, but my Photoshop CS 3 Extended doesn't seem to work properly, like trying to resize the wallet size pictures in the Image Pulldown Menu, Is this because the Uninstallation of the HP Essentials? Please let me know. sorry for the long reply.
Thanks again.
I'm not familiar with that printer and its software. You might try uninstalling PS and then re-installing. I used to have an HP printer and I never liked it. I never use the scanner with Office only with PS.

Glad the solution worked, it seemed pretty straightforward.
Here are a few things to think about while working out what to do:
What is the shape of the wallet size photograph?
What is the wallet size photograph printed on?
What was the wallet size photograph printed with?
What is the end result you are looking for?

If the wallet size photo is 1" X 1" or 2" X 2", converting it to 4 X 6 is going to involve enlarging it to 4" X 4" and having an inch of white border on each side of the 4 X 6, or enlarging it to 6" X 6" and cropping off a 2" stripe of your least favourite edge, or some portions of opposite edges that add to 2".

If the wallet size photo is on smooth, glossy paper with a very small dot pitch or tight grain, you can probably just increase the scanner resolution to 600 or 1200 dpi then resize the result to the size you want in Photoshop. If the original is on mat paper or newsprint then scanning with even 300 dpi may show more about the construction of the picture than you desire. More sophisticated techniques would be needed to get a good looking result.

If you have a 8 X 8 picture in Photoshop and ask it to resize it to 4 X 6, without cropping, Photoshop will do that for you, but the result will be distorted. If you let Photoshop do the cropping, it will simply chop equal amounts off the sides that are outside the shape.
Ok, I have an HP All in One, Scanner, Copyer and Printer, I also have and are using Photoshop CS 3 Extended, My OS is Vista Home Premium 32. The photograph is a 2.25 X 3.25. How would you suggest I scan the photgraph, at what Resolution, and how would I Resize the photograph to a 4 X 6 Photograph?

Another question for you? I had in my HP PC, HP Photo Essentials which gave me alot of problems, when I installed Office 2007 it came with Picture Manager, which organizes all my pictures by Month and Year, a very good program. I un-installed HP's Photo Essentials, would the Un-install have anything to do with Photoshop?
Please let meknow on both questions.

Thank you,

That's more a problem for a computer guy, but in the back of my mind it seems to me that I remember that there were incompatibilities between the HP software I had and the Adobe software but I can say for absolute sure. I just don't have an absolute remembrance of it. Unless you are just in love with your HP printer you might consider getting either a Canon or Epson. I have two Epson's and the one I use most often costs about $100.00 and it prints beautifully. I kind of think the printer software is where the issue is.

I don't know how your scanner works. Mine has two size menus. One says source which is how big the original document is. The other is for the size of the scanned file. I'd just set the size of the output to 4x6 @ 300 dpi. That way when the scan is finished it will be the size you desire.
May 29th, 2010
I have Comcast Internet Provider, which I have always had since I own my PC. I used to have McAfee Antivirus Software on my PC which they supplied, they just recently changed to Norton's Security Suite, every once in a while something comes up that says" Norton Background Tasks", can this be affecting different programs on my computer? this never happened before when I had McAfee Security Software on my PC. Do you know how to disable this Background Tasks thing? and is there anything else that Norton could be doing to mess up my machine?
Any Suggestions?
Please get back to me.

Thank You,



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