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I have a quick question for those who have been in the business for awhile. So here it is:  When shooting your photographs (that you plan to sell as prints) do you shoot planning to crop as an 8x10 or do you compose using the whole frame. I've talked to several photographers about this and I was wondering what a few of you might have to say. Personally I don't shoot for 8x10s. I like to use all of the frame thats given to me and as a result I usually sell 12x18 or 10x15 prints. So what do you think?


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If I am shooting for assignment, I try to compose knowing the output size. If I am shooting for me.. I like loose compositions, little people in a big world kind of shots. Shots that don't always show well in a small format.
I think if you are shooting a wedding, you have to shoot loose so that you have the room to crop to a 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc. As these are common frame sizes that the average consumer will expect to be able to purchase you want to be sure you shoot with this in mind. Although I like to fill the frame myself, you have to think about the perspective client and what they will want. Keep this in mind especially when it comes to large bridal party shots because if you don't shoot loose and they want an 8x10 of this particular image you are going to cut people off on each side of the photo. Hope that helps. :)
5X7 and 8X10 are popular frame sizes which people receive as gifts.  If you receive a frame as a wedding gift, you are probably going to want to put something in it, like a wedding picture for instance.  People want the size they want for their own reasons and even some photographers do not realize the different sizes are different shapes.  Shoot to give yourself flexibility, leave some space for levelling and cropping to meet the different sizes.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I especially like what Ray said ;P

I guess I'm good to shoot using the whole frame. I don't shoot weddings and when I'm hired for assignments I'm also handling what sizes the prints will be. Besides, the bigger the better right :D
shoot raw , edit , convert , edit again if needed


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