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This is a magnified image of a photograph I took. As you can see there are some light spots. I think it is a problem of my lens, but i dont know what. I used my Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM to take this pic. This is worrying me a lot cuz the lens is just a month old..please comment..

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Do this spots also appears if you're using a different lens?

Looks dust to me. It looks to me that your camera sensor needs cleaning.

If you're talking about the spots on the top left and bottom left next to the tree then it's dust on your sensor. Nothing to really be alarmed about. Recommended to clean your sensor at a camera store or buy a sensor cleaning kit if you're brave enough to clean it yourself. With the images you took with the dust, you could always clean it up in post production.

Thanks...a lot..I got a lot to learn about cams, I guess... :-)

Sensor dust spots.  Changing lenses in dusty environments will cause this.  Read your owners manual, some cameras have auto cleaning which may help..  I've cleaned mine with a soft lens brush but you need to set the camera in a mode to keep the shutter open and mirror up.  Read the manual.  Cleaning up the spots on the computer (post) is a pain (easy, but time waster), better to get it fixed.


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