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My last model was stolen last summer and I'm currently at the Grand Canyon saving up for a new one. Im considering the Canon 60D & 7D. 
More of an update. Any advice or important points I should take in making my decision? I'm more of a landscape, macro and occassional portrait 
photographer. Excited for the 7D if I'm patient enough, but the 60D might be my closest shot right now. Nopun ;)

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Check out the Rebel T2i sometimes called the 550D.  It may meet your needs for less money, leaving more to spend on a lens.
I second this, even though some think its a "baby" 7D, it really holds its own against the much more expensive ones you seem interested in. Plus, it's lighter and accommodates both EF and EF-S lens mounts, and shoots 1080p HD vids.

The 60D has a leveler.

at 1:45


then click the video review of digitalrev. fifth video on the tabs at the right.

60D vs 550D vs 7D

Thanks for all of your feedback! I have alot to consider. I like theidea of the t2i, is the 60D worth the extra few hundred however? I'm liking the weightof the t2i being an avid hiker as well. Any lens suggesstions? I'm an amateur still, doing all the research I can but its all a foreign language still. I appreciate any feedback. :)

I wanted something lighter for a trip.  I picked up the T2i and a Sigma 18-250 mm lens.  On the trip I also took a 430 EX II flash and a Sigma 10-20 mm lens.  And, a couple of spare batteries.  The 18-250 mm got the most use.  Trip photos are here:  Other galleries have pictures from my 30D and 1Ds Mk III.  My gallery at Picture Social has a mix from all the cameras as well as a couple of Nikon CoolPIX cameras.  Most of the last 40 I uploaded are from the T2i, with one or the other Sigma lens.


I do not have any movies on the net but it takes good movies too.

Here is some info you might find helpful in the future regarding how to register your gear to assist in recovery in the event of a theft.  Having not suffered a theft,  I have no idea as tot eh efficacy of such. 


POTN = Photography on the net (

Please list your stolen gear here. Buyers, please check this thread prior to purchasing goods. Posting guidelines:
1.Please limit comments in this thread to additional entries using template below, or to comments with information regarding stolen goods (although that's best done via PM).
2.Feel free to use the "report post button" when you see any off-topic chat and moderators will remove it.
3.This thread is not to be used as an avenue of negative feedback for POTN deals gone bad. This this is only for stolen goods.

Member name:


Serial Number: (if there are zeroes in front of the number, please list the serial number both with and without leading zeroes)

Identifying marks: (such as attached accessories)

Date lost or stolen:

Location where lost or stolen:

Contact information:

Brief description of incident: (optional but may include additional information like police report number, etc)


I have listed additional registries below.
Requires valid and verifiable police report number. Auction houses, police departments, insurance companies, and many others search Trace. In order to add a lost or stolen item to Trace, you must first report the item to the police. After you have a valid and verifiable police report number, you can immediately add your stolen goods to the Trace database.Victims of crime will remain anonymous. Only the item and the reporting police agency will be identified.
RYC is being recognized by several industry news organizations as a resource for helping identify stolen gear. These include online publications such as PDN, British Journal of Photography and lately The Shutterbug.
The stolen equipment registry at is a place for crime victims to record serial numbers of cameras that they've had stolen. If you're offered used camera equipment, you can search by serial number to see if any items have been reported stolen by users


Deal Ending Soon!

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