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Can anyone tell me how to upload pics from my facebook albums, please?

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I am not aware of anyway to do that. I know that when you post things here, you can send a link to Facebook.. but not the other way around.

Apparently its very simple for anyone who know's anything about computers according to my daughter who rolled her eyes and pulled my lap top away from me. . . lol. . . you just right click the pic you want on facebook, click on "save picture as"  then load it onto your desktop, which is one of the choices on the browse button on this site when loading pics to here.  Just thought I'd share this with you Papa Rotzzi.  Now we both learned a new trick! . . .I guess, if i'm going to get into photography like I've always dreamed, Ive got to learn some computer skills too.  Class is now in session and I'm ready to absorb! 

Hi, Lori. I guess I misunderstood the question you were asking. I thought you were looking for a direct way of moving photos from Facebook to PictureSocial. 

Yes, in the world of digital, it is imperative that you have a basic understanding of computers. From storage, developing, editing, sharing, promoting and selling.. a computer is almost always involved. 

Always happy to do what little I can, please let me know anytime I can be of no use to you! 

I too, misunderstood your question.  This site has a button that does an automated import of your photos from Flickr, and reading your question, I believed you were asking where the similar functionality for Facebook was.  Like Papa, I am not aware of any Import from Facebook button.

You have some very nice photos in your gallery here.  If they were all pulled off of Facebook, they are the best looking files I have seen from Facebook!  I don't have anything on Facebook, but if I were going to post there, or anywhere else, I would prepare the files and store them in a folder on my machine, then upload them to the sites where I was posting.  My concern with uploading to one site then retrieving the file and posting to another site is that the first site may alter the file as it is stored, and so might the second site, resulting in images being posted that are not optimal.  However, it seems to work for you, the ones I looked at looked good.

Welcome to Picture Social

Thank you so much for the compliments and info.  I have sooooo much to learn, but I am so excited about it!  So glad I found this site!



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