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How come I can no longer create an album and upload pictures in them?  It keeps telling me to drag each pictures from the left to the right one by one.  There's no "upload photos" option where you can keep uploading pictures in an album.   

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There may be a problem with the system at the moment.  I clicked Add Photos and got a spinning asterisk that did not indicate ready.  I don't have time at the moment, someone else may.  I will check later tonight to see if I can create and fill an album.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I still can't create a new album and upload pictures in them.  I also can't add pictures in an existing album. :-(.   Any suggestions? 

Hi Rose,

There are a couple of ways to create a new album, or add photos to one that is already there. Go to your My Photos page. Near the right hand side top of the page you will see an "ADD" button. That will take you to the page to add photos. Select the photos you want to upload and click the "upload" button. You will then see the progress bar showing your uploads. Once the uploads are complete, you will be taken to a page to edit your photo information, add tags and such. Near the bottom of that page, you will see THIS area:

This is where you will create your new album or specify which existing album you would like your photos to go to. 

If the pictures that you want to move to an album are already in your My Photos album go to the album that you want the pictures in and select "Options" then "EDIT" not "ADD" near the top of the screen and that is where you will end up in that drag and drop area again.. but this time you will be in the album you want the photos drug and dropped to!

Wow thanks for the detailed instructions.  I thought maybe i can keep uploading pictures straight  to an album without having to move it from left to right like the instructions above. But it's probably how you add photos to an album right?  Thanks a lot the help. 

I am having trouble using FireFox to add photos, the tool to add photos is not functioning properly with it.  However, with Internet Explorer 8, I had no trouble adding photos to a new album.  They are here:

Try a different browser, and see if it clears up.

Thanks. I'll try that.  

I forgot to caption my lastest uploads. Is there a way to caption later?

Select the photo you wish to add a description to and then click "OPTIONS" near the top of the page and then " "Edit Details". 

thank you so much papa,never deamed I'd get ananswer so quickly.


You're very welcome, Miss Anita.


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