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Hello Everyone,

At some point I really need to invest in the best editing program.

Here is a list of my needs:

--Batch Editing (by that I mean-making several images Black and White, or resizing several at once, and the main batch editing would be changing the white balance to several at once.

--Face recognition---I do a lot of events where I have to burn a CD for several people and I find it hard to tell the people apart from one another.  I am not even sure if there is a program that would do this.

--organizing and storing images and folders

--I do a lot of portrait sessions and anything that can make the skin softer and teeth whiter and remove fly away hairs is great for me.

--I'd like some templates for weddings or books (right now I create my own templates)

--I would like several choices of different FONT to add to some of my designs

--I would like the program to be user friendly

--I would like the best program for the money spent

Your feedback is appreciated.   So far, I got one vote for CS5.

Please when you reply, state WHY you think your program choice is best.

Thanks so much in advance!

Cheers, Tracy DePaola



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The best is to have both))))) personally I use LR 90% oftener than Photoshop, but I can't do without it)) Face recognition is a supliment to most of free Apple programs  

Elena, in your opinion...which one is easier to use?

LR definitely is easier & lots of free video lessons available

I like the idea of free video lessons.  Are the lessons and videos right on the program itself, or do you find them on Youtube or somewhere else?

YouTube mostly))

Adobe TV also has many free videos on ALL of their products.

There Are 3 programa for editing
1.- lightroom .2
2.- capture one 6 pro.
3.- aperture.
If you take a lot pictures.
FEDERICO Flores Moy.


there is no software made that is user friendly, for photography. They all have their own way of achieving the result that you require. Carry out a search on YouTube and look at videos of the software, what do you think is easier to use because all photographers have there own favourite software and would recommend that.

Programs you can consider:


Lightroom or Apeture

Capture One

Nikon NX2

I now only use Capture NX2 and Lightroom

All programs will carry out batch conversions (something I never do)

Face recognition? All I do is use my thumb in a photograph(s) and write down the persons name on a piece of paper, never had a problem with that.

Fonts, you are limited to the amount of fonts on your computer because all software loads the fonts that you have in your font folder. Fonts are loaded when you boot up your operating system and hogs memory.

Organising folders, well that is entirely depends on what you want, the software needs instructions to save so you will have to organise that yourself

This is a subject that requires you to carry out a lot of research and you will probably end up like most photographers and use several software products because they all do one thing better than another, for example, If i need to clone something I use Photoshop as I think it is easy and gives good results.

Please let us know what route you take and the reasons behind it, when you have made up your mind

Fred, thanks so much for your feedback.  I was already warned that I would have people telling me the program they use will be the best.  I never took the time to watch video's on youtube, because I didn't think I could follow along or understand them without the program, but you know, you are right.  Since I will refer to videos alot, maybe that will be the final determination along with price!

I will not mention Photoshop and Lightroom (which i use a lot), but i will mention programs for organizing pictures. As a photo browser i use FastStone (free program) and Picasa (also free). FastStone is excellent as you can see image full screen and can zoom in and out (seeing original size) with just a click on a mouse. (Although i am PC user so, not sure about Apple version of this prog.).

Picasa i like, because it is sometimes easier to find photos i can't find. It has nice time lap (or how do you call it?), - pictures organized by time they are taken. For me in this way i can sometimes be reminded of the albums i already forgot about :). And i like Picasa also for the quick fix, when some events does not demand best quality. Picasa also has face recognition, but i don't like it, so mine is switched of. Other good thing about Picasa and organizing pictures is tags, just need to remember to put them.

CS5 means "Creative Suite" and the number is just which edition - it doesn't refer to one program in particular. I'm assuming here you mean Photoshop. 

Anyways If all you want to manage is color, sharpness, and exposure then you should stick with Lightroom. Which is perfect for RAW files. Lightroom is literally a digital darkroom. Anything beyond that (i.e. special effects/filters) go with Photoshop. Photoshop can do everything Lightroom can only it take much more know how. 

Hi Tracy,

i agree with Elena about having both, Light room is a great image management program but only a basic raw editor, it doesn't even have a proper curves adjustment tool which is essential in editing.

Lightroom only complements Photoshop it's not supposed to replace it..

I'm not a great fan of You tube vids as they can become disjointed unless they are part of a proper work flow course.

It's always best to learn editing fundamentally from the ground up and it's quite a steep learning curve.


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