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Hello Everyone,

At some point I really need to invest in the best editing program.

Here is a list of my needs:

--Batch Editing (by that I mean-making several images Black and White, or resizing several at once, and the main batch editing would be changing the white balance to several at once.

--Face recognition---I do a lot of events where I have to burn a CD for several people and I find it hard to tell the people apart from one another.  I am not even sure if there is a program that would do this.

--organizing and storing images and folders

--I do a lot of portrait sessions and anything that can make the skin softer and teeth whiter and remove fly away hairs is great for me.

--I'd like some templates for weddings or books (right now I create my own templates)

--I would like several choices of different FONT to add to some of my designs

--I would like the program to be user friendly

--I would like the best program for the money spent

Your feedback is appreciated.   So far, I got one vote for CS5.

Please when you reply, state WHY you think your program choice is best.

Thanks so much in advance!

Cheers, Tracy DePaola



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Elena is right tracy, both, LR is great for batch process if the images where taken the same time under the same conditions.   

I absolutely LOVE my CS5x Suite especially Photoshop but I really do not like Lightroom. Sure, it is cool to have Lightroom but I have found at least three other software programs that do at least everything Lightroom will do but are a LOT EASIER TO LEARN AND USE. 

I PAID for Lightroom so I have a reason and incentive to use it BUT I just believe in getting the desired result in less time. I have used Photoshop for 10 years now and I am Adobe certified but more importantly my clients love the photos I deliver to them. Since Photoshop is so popular most true photo management programs integrate very nice with PS just as Lightroom does. Some people feel that if you own PS you must have LR. Not true.

I recommend Zoner Photo Studio 14 Pro or ACDSee Pro. All I have to say is, once you try them you most likely will stay with one of the two. Zoner cost the least but probably does more than both ACDSee or Lightroom so I have stayed with Zoner.

Hope this helped. 

Just so you know... Adobe launched today the public Beta version of Lightroom 4, which means the full new version will probably be available in the next 3-4 months or so.

I have both, but I use Lightroom more. I also use Aperture a lot more than Photoshop. 

Hi Tracy,

WOW! You really asked a loaded question. I use Photoshop CS5, have been using PS since way back in 5.5. Can't think of any other program I'd rather use, and yes I've tried those others, deleted them, moved on. I'm a pro so making my images be the best they can be I'm very dependant on PS CS5, and soon CS6. I'd be happy to have a more lengthy dialog with you on this subject if you so desire.

Portrait Pro. is also pretty good and easy to use. I use CS the you tube videos and Photoshop CS5: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks (Top 100 Simplifi...  help alot. I have not used lightroom.

M. Torres,

I did check out the portriat pro and it looks pretty amazing and simple.  I want to review a bit more about it, but I am thinking right now I mainly need editing for softening the skin and making the eyes look really crisp--I think it works from the sample video I watched.  I am so bad at making decisions--so all these bits of information really helps.


Tracy, Ive been using Photoshop Elements for years, and recently have "taken the plunge" to purchase 'Photoshop CS 5 Extended', which BTW I got at a bargain price ( for an affordable $79.00 Plus S&H, they offer the disc, by mail, which is far superior to downloads! I am just npoow learning to use it inplaces where it differes significantly from PS Elements 10, but they are built the same and function much the same! Likely 90% of all Photo after processing takes place on one of these two Programs worldwide, I'd guess! I dont know how much of youer needs would be met by these two programs?

I also have the free "beta version" of of Adobe Lightroom 4.0, which is free until its been published?But its been of no help wjatever to me

 I dont know whether it will be to you or not !

I tell you all of this to then share with ou that I've had lots of ups and downs with learning to use "Photoshop Products" in general over the years,  and I both love them and hate them for thier complexity and stubborness, but I can at least figure out how to use them unassisted......though I would call neither of these three "user friendly" in truth!! 


If any are its the Photoshop Elements 10, its the baby brother to the CS programs!


I had thought, and heard that PS "Lightroom" would bea usable program, from outward appearences anyways It looked as though it might  nbe the onme to use! Fancy advertising can do alot of misleading!

This may have been what drew me to PS Lightroom, But I've tied eveything I can think of, (and I'm not entirey 'dense)', you know! 

I cant make lightroom work for me no matter what.  It makes me feel sort of incompetent, but I know better.I'm just not particullaly suited to some programs!  . Others I do fine with, perhaps you can relate!

I dont know whether you have found or not the software you were in need of, or if this bit of infovcan be of anay help yoto your choices, but its all Ive got and hope you will do well with whatever. 


I suggest you try Adobe's free trial downloads and see for yourself! Perhaps you can get some help from others and learn to fly with them in short order, especillay I would think the" Elements 10" its the olly Prgram Ive paid full price for at $95.00 USD . I did this knowing it was worth the money, having iused former versions myself for ten years sstarting with Elements 3, and it has been very worthwhile!


Good Luck,,dennis!

HI Dennis, I was told that CS5 Extended was more around the $300-$900 range and I see you bought it for $79  I will have to check out the site for that price--WOW

Speaking to your question, I have to admit, "Neither," since I don't use either.  I've been using the same PaintShopPro8 since it came out long ago.  PSP does all you ask but facial recognition- and why is that a requirement?

And your question begs another question: Which system are you using now?

Even Elements Two has batch editing, different fonts, is definitely 'user friendly' and does all you're asking but for face recognition. Best of all, it's cheap.   Also, for batch editing of your RAW files, try Canon's  DPP, respected as a powerful editing system and it's included with a Canon camera purchase. Also, for organizing and storage, Canon's system is good as any, IMO. Of course, all this indicates that I'm not one to spend a lot of hard earned bucks on a program that's barely better than what I'm used to or need doing to improve my shots (which usually includes just saturating/desaturating, cropping and sharpening).


Carrieanne--thanks so much.  I just checked out the fontsauirrel  LOVE it thanks!

for you're needs listed above i think that lightroom would be better for you because lightroom is mainly for touch ups and minor quality editing and photoshop cs5 is for special effects and so on

i have used both and they are user friendly and easy to use i suggest trying the trial before you buy one though.


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