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Hello Everyone,

At some point I really need to invest in the best editing program.

Here is a list of my needs:

--Batch Editing (by that I mean-making several images Black and White, or resizing several at once, and the main batch editing would be changing the white balance to several at once.

--Face recognition---I do a lot of events where I have to burn a CD for several people and I find it hard to tell the people apart from one another.  I am not even sure if there is a program that would do this.

--organizing and storing images and folders

--I do a lot of portrait sessions and anything that can make the skin softer and teeth whiter and remove fly away hairs is great for me.

--I'd like some templates for weddings or books (right now I create my own templates)

--I would like several choices of different FONT to add to some of my designs

--I would like the program to be user friendly

--I would like the best program for the money spent

Your feedback is appreciated.   So far, I got one vote for CS5.

Please when you reply, state WHY you think your program choice is best.

Thanks so much in advance!

Cheers, Tracy DePaola



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Thanks Lucas

hi there tracy for me cs 5 is the best and as easy as photo shop goes for a beginner. the price is steep

would buy this.

for light room cheap easy fast. this fits the budget easily. not so creative.

buy cs 5 for creativity.

theres a member Sergey Sokolov  who is the grand master of photoshop .

if you get stuck with photoshop. of f/b he has a lot of videos and photos of fantasy which sounds like your looking for. he's a member on this site as well. and this with photoshop.

you mentioned making skin softer. if you use windows look at portrait professional easy fast portraits only cheap.

 have a great day 


when it comes to discussions this is one of the best i seen for a pro to ask such a great question the depth of advise for your answers received is up top class

great question tracy 

cheers rob

CS 5 & buy third partyPlug in's

Tracy i have been using CS 5 since i was introduced to editing. so l like it and don't think it is difficult now. have no idea of element 

Hi guys ...

I like both and use both in conjunction with one another. I use LR for fast or easy processing and PS for fine tweaks and textures / overlays. However, I believe that one may be limited to personal creativity with LR. I fine that both work well together as a whole. Just my opinion ...

Tracy have you tried the $79.99 CS5 Extended?

Tracey, the new Photoshop CC is great for most of what you want to achieve and the cost is very reasonable too, as its based on a monthly subscription. The beauty of this program is, you can use it with plug-ins from third party products.


Tracy, what did you decide regarding Lightroom and Photoshop?

From my understanding the edit engine is the same in LR and PS. However Photoshop does so much more layers and a zillion other things. Having both programs I think LR will do very well for you with what you described. I would  Google both programs and look for them to explains there features. The price difference is hugh in PS5 verses LR..I would consider PS Elements which does layers but not really sure you need them but always a plus and the price is right.  I love LR and do 90 percent of my edit with it. It does books.... It also catalogs beautifully and again I think it will work great for your needs. Good luck!

Photoshop CC is very reasonably priced at around £17 per month which includes VAT

All my images on here are processed with lightroom 4, less then 10 of these images were taking to PS cs5 for minor things I could not do in lightroom. I think you will be very happy with lightroom alone and even happier with both lightroom and PS... Lightroom is a great organizer and powerful and you can take your images right from lightroom to PS, close it in PS and and it will save and open a tif file ready for conversion in lightroom.

Good luck!


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