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Hello Everyone,

At some point I really need to invest in the best editing program.

Here is a list of my needs:

--Batch Editing (by that I mean-making several images Black and White, or resizing several at once, and the main batch editing would be changing the white balance to several at once.

--Face recognition---I do a lot of events where I have to burn a CD for several people and I find it hard to tell the people apart from one another.  I am not even sure if there is a program that would do this.

--organizing and storing images and folders

--I do a lot of portrait sessions and anything that can make the skin softer and teeth whiter and remove fly away hairs is great for me.

--I'd like some templates for weddings or books (right now I create my own templates)

--I would like several choices of different FONT to add to some of my designs

--I would like the program to be user friendly

--I would like the best program for the money spent

Your feedback is appreciated.   So far, I got one vote for CS5.

Please when you reply, state WHY you think your program choice is best.

Thanks so much in advance!

Cheers, Tracy DePaola



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You received some good advice in here Tracy, and from this discussion of yours I think I will look into Lightroom as well.

It's all about sharing and learning...thanks 

Larry-- I am glad my discussion also helped you as well--like you said--we are all here to learn and help each other.

I would advise anybody in the US who has these questions to go to your local community college and find an introductory course on Photoshop/Lightroom.   #1.. you can learn the product and #2.. you can save a LOT of money! I took an adult education class for $70 and bought the full version of Photoshop for $199 (education discount). So I got the program and the basics of it's use for less than half the price it would cost to buy just the program.

I have a student version also Papa and recently someone told me that it can't be used to produce commercially. Do you know if that is true?

Dora, I have read through the EULA and consulted a dozen different forums, and I still can not answer that with authority. I have not seen anything that makes me think that if you were properly eligible to receive a student edition in the first place, that there is any restriction on the use of the product.. other than it can not be resold or used on more than one computer. 

I am not, however, a lawyer. 

What great advice!! I love that advice and I do believe that I will take it! :-) Thanks!! You're right ... how much better does it get than learning and seeing firsthand how the software works and then being able to purchase it for a discounted price! Perfect!


You have gotten lots of great advice here.  I have/use Photoshop CS5 95% of the time but I also have Lightroom and Aperture.  I use Lightroom in combination with CS% some.  I'd like to add a caution here that I haven't seen elsewhere.  Lightroom (in my non computer guru assessment) is a space hog.  It really bogs down as your library gets larger and larger.  Adobe Bridge (included with Photoshop) does not seem to suffer nearly the same fate.  So for me, only "best of" photographs are cataloged in Lightroom and I use Bridge to handle normal downloads.  I didn't learn this lesson early enough with Lightroom and it caused major problems.  Just a cautionary note.

Interesting. Good thing to know.


Thanks for that input-it is things like that which really help me.  I am always one to learn from others.

Thanks so much.

Yes, Tracy, I agree with John Brunjes about Lightroom being a space hog. I wasn't aware that the "libraries" of photos were being saved on my hard drive even though I specifically have an external drive on which I put all my RAW photos in unedited folders and edited pictures in another folder. I had no idea that Lightroom was "backing up" the libraries by putting it on my hard drive. Easy to fix! Just know that is what happens and remove the libraries once they are saved. :-) 


Your photos are SO amazing and I feel a bit strange about even offering "advice" ... but nonetheless, I love Lightroom for the capability to "sync" multiple photos at the same time. So for example if I noticed that the white balance was wrong on, say 50 of the photos, in one click I can correct it on all 50 photos. Pretty sweet!


I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work and learning heaps from you!!

I have Lightroom 3,CS5 and both are amazing...Lightroom is sleek and organizes. If you do "straight" photography...meaning just straighten,crop,color correction then Lightroom is for you ..if you want to do more creative work ..then CS5 is the program which  it is only limited by your knowledge and imagination. 

I have been using CS/3-5 for years and just learned lightroom and I wonder what took so long...however first starting takes time because you have to group your images which is the sleek part of this program.

The price forAdobe Photoshop CS5 is $650.00,  Lightroom is $299.00 and can be purchased for sale prices of at least a 100.00 off that price. Maybe that  will help determine what program you use. I love Photoshop but that might be because I am very familiar with that program.

Good Luck!

 Lightroom is does not do what Photoshop can do.



definitely CS5 !!!


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