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I have an 18-55mm, 18-270mm and 70-300mm lenses… I would like to get a 300-1000mm or more if possible What's the biggest zoom/telephoto lens that I can get. Starting 300mm and up with AF and IS/VC to fit canon and what sort of price would it be????





Thanks for the comments everybody

You no some of the prices that I have seen are absolute ridicules prices it’s no wonder on one bye’s them… it’s good to know people on here can give the info that people won’t it’s much appreciated

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You might want to be sitting to read this:


CANON EF 800MM F5.6 L IS USM LENS cost is CDN$12,639.99.


CANON EF 600MM F4L IS II USM LENS cost is CDN$12,599.99


Sigma makes a 200-500 mm F2.8 that is offered for about CDN$30,000.


For a lot less, you could get the Sigma 50-500 mm or the Sigma 150-500 and add a 2X teleconverter to get 1000 mm.  The catch is that the teleconverter eats 2 stops of light and the lenses are f/6.3 at the long end so you will need a tripod and stationary subject or lots of light and high ISO.  You could get that for between CDN$1500 and CDN$2000.  There are other options with prices in between.

Nice! Pretty prices thow arnt thay i'll have to save up for one..

I saw a Canon 1200mm f5.6 for sale on E-Bay.  It's only $81,000.00 so maybe you'll want a matching pair.  That's the longest lens I am aware of.  If you want longer you can get astronomy telescopes and fit you camera to them.
I Can't aford that one... i'd have to sel my house to get that
Kind of figured, but oh well!  My lust isn't even that big!


Canons 1200mm is about as big as you can get, though I have seen some poor quality, but cheap Russian 1000mm mirror lenses around, but I wouldn't get one.


Unless you are doing pap work, or some very specific press work, you don't need anything that big. 500 & 600mm lenses are quite rare.



its not about the size, its about how you use it! :-)

I have a spotting scope which works as a 1000-4000mm MF zoom lens (it came with a T2 mount). It has not aperture control though & is always slow ranging from f16 to f64 as you zoom.

DOF is minimal at best, contrast is generally poor, & it needs a very solid tripod  - but it's not too bad as a telescope & is was fairly cheap (~$100) - It's even managed to produce some reasonable snapshots of Offshore Circuit Racing at ranges almost exclusively over half a mile I wouldn't have got many shots without it.


A slightly better quality scope might fill the OP's desire for an excessive big lens - without the need to remortgage the house.


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