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 I have found that being a PEOPLE person has been the main reason my clients keep coming back.  The entire experience they have with the photographer is just as important as the final images.  I deal with a lot of teens for their senior portraits, and I found that they simply GLEAM when I tell them how beautiful they are.  Many times their parents call and tell me that somehow I boosted their son/daughter self esteem.  What a great compliment, to know that I could have that affect on a person.  The next thing I know, their entire family wants portraits!   Taking photos of mountains, water, flowers, buildings, bugs, and such simple does NOT fulfill my passion for photography.

My father said he didn't have the patience for PEOPLE photography.  So I was just curious why we/you choose to photograph the things you choose.  Let me hear your story.

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I don't draw, so I photograph instead.

I love to do both...draw and take photos.  Photography is sooooooo much more fun!

Thanks for sharing your story.



Taking photographs gives me so much joy! There is so much for me to learn and I feel that I really have learned a lot over the past year. Authentically and creatively capturing moments that will never be the same is really my goal! The other day when one of my friends previewed the photos I took of her baby's 1st birthday party, she said, "Oh my goodness, these are going to make me cry! I had no idea you got that photo! We don't have any photos of these family members." WOW! .... that was huge! Even though technically I have oh so far to go, to hear that she was so happy with the photos warmed my heart.


I pray that my photos will encourage others, too! Something like 94% of American women do not feel that they are beautiful so when we hear, "you are so beautiful", it's so meaningful ... and to somehow capture that beauty forever in a photo ... well, it just doesn't get any better than that!


I love your photos, Tracy and I know that I will continue to learn a lot from you!




Wonderfully stated, Janna!

Very nice and practical

"I am not ugly.."
Not long after I really started getting into photography, I was invited by another photographer friend of mine to photograph Nicole. Nicole is not a model. She was just a young lady that my friend knew from school.. who needed a couple of photos of herself.. but did not like having her picture taken. She always thought she looked ugly in photos. 
After a tense hour of shooting, Nicole finally relaxed. The shot above was the moment that she got over the idea of being in front of the camera. My friend had just stopped shooting and Nicole did not know I was ready to start. I just took this shot. I loved it, and brought it up on the back of the camera for Nicole to see. As a moment passed, she looked at the photo, then me, then the photo again. I almost started to think something was wrong then she whispered "I am not ugly...".
That is why I do what I do.
Great topic, Miss Tracy. 
Beautiful story...beautiful young woman.
She is so beautiful! What a heart-warming story! Good for you for being patient and waiting for just the right moment or was it not walking away too soon .. either way, what a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl!

Papa Rotzzi---your story says it best.  That is exactly why I shoot people.  Helping people see they are beautiful makes me happy.

---Tracy DePaola

Thank you, everybody.


Often, once they accept that they are not ugly.. they can actually become beautiful..




What a beautiful photo! I love it!!!


Amazing Deals!

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