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Will buying a New Nikon, D-800/800E, or other upgrade, make me or anyone a Better Photographer?

Hello new friends and fellow Nikonians, I've just spent three days (since launch of D-800) in a flurry of joyous activity searching, studying, analyzing and evaluating the benefits, costs and other important factors in consideration of purchasing a new Nikon D-800/800E, or ( D-3x, D-4, D-7000, D-300s, D5100, D yada yada infinitum....


I am delirious, drunken with visions of glorious new possibilities in Low Light, Hi Def, (1020 x 860, 30 FPS) Motion Pictures (w/ stereo sound), and Award winning stills in crisp clean 36mp clarity, vibrant color and wide dynamic ranges, etc. etc.

What a Joy Ride! It hasn't been this much fun since hot wiring Dad's old Dodge pickup!

Have any of you looked at all the On-Line content RE this launch? They are available everywhere, mostly "You Tube" based Launch Annoucements, they themselves are a sizzling mind trip through some of the most exciting territory an aging Nikonian with an aging but functional D-300 can go through!

Does anyone besides me suppose the ad guys and gals at Nikon and elsewhere have reading my mail, and properly targeted some of us "aging baby boomers" who might possibly be languishing in semi-retirement, with time on our hands, bored stiff with nothing much better to do than surf the Net in search of what?  Excitement of course! Who better, by the way, just might be able to actually afford a new toy such as these "Wonderful Photographic Flying Machines" constitute?

I've struggled trying to digest this number; $8000 USD for a new D3x Nikon Flagship is a lot of "moola" for any new Toy! Isn't it?

Or, has advanced age already done its damage to my sometimes feeble gray matter?

Or even the nice D-3s is a comparable bargain at $5200!

But, that's part of what makes the moderately priced D-800/800E, ($3000/$3300.respectively) look so darned affordable, right? Imagine what can be done with one (" I tell my wife" and watch her as she rolls her eyes"), for that price it's got to be a bargain! Right Honey?

But seriously, for what these marvelous Cameras (machines/computers with Lens attachments up front), can do, they are a magnificent opportunity in the right hands for someone with ambition and drive, talent and desire to achieve/create miraculous things!

Look at what Ansel Adams did with a Field Camera, glass plates and a darkroom? I'd hope someday to see what a modern day reincarnation of the "Master of Light" might do with a D800-E, or better yet a D-4x someday? And who knows from there on, where it will go? To the outer limits of creativity at some point! That is what these things do, they enable us, and they "facilitate creativity" in a nutshell! What Price can be put on that?

The new Ansel Adams may be reading this. I hope so! How about it?

For the record, I don't need a new Camera!

Also for the record, I don't believe that having a new Nikon D-(whatever) will automatically or necessarily, make me a better Photographer! Do you think it would for you? Why?

I know the current D-300 (which I bought with proceeds from my own Photo sales) as well as a friendly pair of hiking boots and my favorite blue jeans and sweatshirt! The former D-50 and D-80 have been donated to my children and grandchildren The Nikon D-300 is likely all the Camera I'll ever need, but as I tell my best friend, wife, and partner, It doesn't mean I won't go buy another on a wild hair someday!

I just don't need one right now! What fun!

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Good thinking  Max, I hope you are right, and sooner rather than later especially. We shall see, nothing worng with having an exra body laying aroiund waiting and ready, huh Max?

I too hope the price of the d700 will go down. My most popular print size is 20x30 and it looks great with the d7000. I have a 30x40 bridal portrait canvas sample that was taken with the d90 and it's fine too (perhaps due to canvas?). I think maybe light and sharpness and all that good stuff matters more than megapixels with the larger prints....sorry that's another topic.

Yes, bring the price of the d700 down, I want a full frame!

I just read in another forum that the price was being reduced to around $2,200.

My goodness do we have a former Canon shooter in the mix? Welcome to the dark side :) 

Aren't all those megapixels detrimental to the sensor so far as shooting at high iso's? I don't understand all the super techy stuff. Sorry if that's a dumb question.


      Amy: The only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked... I can't afford a DSLR...I am verry happy with my Nikon L20 and L100... Everyone should know that a camera does not take good pictures.. It's the one who is behind it that does...

I currently have a D300s, and I too have been drooling over the D800 since it was in the speculation stage.  But I calmed down a bit after I saw the tech sheet release from Nikon discussing the 36mp sensor's tendency to produce blurry photos.  Here's the link:

I thought it was pretty interesting, considering the camera hasn't even hit the streets yet. 

I am baffled as to why a new camera would make you a better photographer. Creativity lies in the person, not the camera.


I started with a D3000 for my first two years of my Associate's degree in Photography, where I learned composition, metering, and principles of design.  I just bought the D7000, I don't think it made me a better photographer, it takes better pictures, but the photographer makes the decisions that make a photo, not the camera (unless you shoot in Auto).

Thanks Steven for responding to the thread that asked whether purchasing a new Nikon D-800 Camera could make one a better Photographer?

I am sorry it has taken me this much time to respond to you.

It’s been an interesting discussion and has brought forth many different views, as intended, but you were of course "correct', in your response that "Creativity lies in the Person, not the Camera"!

The question however, was not meant to be taken as literally as that, but more rhetorically. I really intended it to be more "for the sake of discussion" rather than as a  conclusive " yay, or nay" type of  question and answer!

I admit I did not make that clear enough, sorry to say.

Oh well, it is “all good” in my view and in the best interest of community, that we always get a chance to learn” from such experiences, and we do, the further we get along in this life. .

I am glad you are present and available to help keep these discussions lively, interesting, and on track. I hope that you will be among those who continue to hang with us in the future as this community grows and learns, both individually, and together as a community of common interest, how to be more of what we all desire to be, that is, to be creative!

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of you, friend!


PS. My wife and partner PJ and I have just two weeks ago returned from the Sonoran Desert near Tuscon  and Phoenix,  then northwards to Aqua Fria Nat. Park, and Canyon De Chelly in the AZ High Desert (parts of which are occupied by the Navajo  since the 1500's or so. Always interesting history and prehistory if one is prepared to spend time in "research before the desert trips, and we dont care to be there after mid April usually! Persons one can easily perish in the Desert after just one or two mistakes with brokedown automobiles, or others unforseen occurances after the ambient temps get above 110 degree farenheit,. dont you know!   



Glad to hear that you're staying with the D300 and happy about it after upgrading from the D80... that's exactly the path I am about to go. I am all hopes that the D300 will make me a better photographer! (joking)

Its not the camera that makes a great photograph. Its knowing how to use what you have and developing your photographers eye. These were taken with a D-3000. And a lot of patience.


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