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Found a break in the Christmas madness.  i am going out of the envelope twice here.  Since i assume everyone is busy today I an going to carry this one extra day to Dec 29 at 6PM California time.

Second, since I much prefer Summer to winter, I am going to make the Challenge for images of Summer Fun and Play

Jumping from rocks into the river:

Riding horses on the beach:

Relaxing in a hammock:

Dancing at a party:

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Ethan, Bree & Deb...

Fall City Days - Hot Dog Girl

Thanks Carlton.  Hot Dog Girl is fun

Ah, yes. Think of the summer in the midst of winter. Certainly a good idea.

A little white water fun:

And nothing cools the brow like an ice cream cone!

And here is an NE. The Waterslide:

Excellent Mike.  Good portrait and I like the water slide too.

Topic be Macro

Love the first one John

Summer to me is a hot night at the ball park with a cold beer.

and to the jealousy of still being a kid and being able to take your shirt off and run through a fountain.

Thanks Greg,  it is a great ballpark shot.


The Challenge is Closed.  Busy week between Christmas and New Year so not too many entries, but still great shots.

Be back with the results.


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