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I hope this is appropriate here.  Let me know if it is not.


Let's "like" each others pages & add it to our "Page Favorites". We're encouraged to embrace the fast pace of social media so let's support each other.

"Liking" a Facebook page doesn't mean the page admins will be able to see your personal profile so you still maintain the boundaries of having a personal Facebook page. If you have both a personal and business page then great! You can "like" with both and then take the extra step on your business page to "Add To My Pages Favorites". When you see who "likes" your page, you can also see what other pages added you to their favorites. Post your link to your Facebook business page below and let's grow our business. Look forward to seeing and liking, sharing and commenting on fellow agent's pages.


My new "short" version of my FB address is:



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Ive only been shooting for about 2 years. I have to go through my FB page and reedit some of the older pictures I have on there. Because I think ive improved in the last 6 months.


I use a Canon 10 D its about 12 years old. http://!/pages/Heather-Arsement-Photograph...



That address does not work



I cannot find your page. When I cut and paste the URL you put above in my browser, I get this:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

I think Facebook is one of the best ways to stay in touch with clients. Takes a lot of work to keep updated, but worth it.!/pages/Kevin-Colton-Photography/231556756...



I have one!!!

Here's Mine!


I could not find a "like" to click on on your page.  Only a "subscribe".


I have one:

but, now I've found Picturesocial and recently launched my website, I'm not sure if I'll have the time time to keep the Facebook page up to date


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