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I chose the Topic of Exposures Longer than 2 Seconds because I am intrigued by the "action" can be captured in a long shutter release, as well as some of the sharpness that can be captured at night when properly exposing a long exposure.  I will ask for no more than 3 entries, and one NE.  Entries can include any thing from one exposure greater than 2 seconds to an HDR of three exposures that are a minimum of 3/4 of a second each.  I would ask that everyone please include all of the Exif data(shutter speed, fstop, focal length, lens and camera used) with each photo.  I will judge based on creativity, uniqueness, and focus.


Here are a few examples with Exif data:

Sony A65 with 30mm f2.8 macro SAM lens.  Exposure: 13 seconds @ f2.8, ISO 100

Same camera and lens, 7 second exposure @ f2.8, ISO 100

Sony A65 with kit 18-55mm lens  Exposure 28 seconds @ f3.5, Iso 100, Focal length 18mm


I will end this DC at or around 11pm CDT on the 14th.

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15 sec, f/13, ISO 200, 14 mm.  Sigma 10-20mm lens.  TTC bus leaving an underground garage after dark, taken from the car park next to the bus ramp, using the wall/fence instead of a tripod.  The EXIF data is attached to the photo but I adjusted exposure -1 stop in ACR/Photoshop so the EXIF data is not as helpful as it could be.

I missed the camera used.  It was my Canon Rebel T2i (550D outside North America).

The original image was brighter but not unappealing.  I made it a stop darker to saturate it a bit more when I saw the clipping warnings in ACR.  This was done with Photoshop CS5.  CS5 has a couple of advantages over Elements that I feel are important, ACR is much more complete and handles noise much better is the first and the second is that many of the tools in Elements only work in 8 bits and Gary has convinced me that working with some of those tools in 16 bit mode gives a better result.  The other software I use is included with the purchase of a Canon camera.  Digital Photo Professional and ZoomBrowser EX can convert the raw files and provide some editing functionality.  Unfortunately it appears ZoomBrowser EX is being discontinued in favour of  ImageBrowser EX which thus far does not do anything I really want in a browser.  I sent Canon an email but did not hear anything from them, I will discuss it with their reps at the show in May, and continue to use my old copies of ZoomBrowser EX while waiting for an update.

If you Save For Web, the EXIF data is stripped.  If you just Save As, the EXIF data remains.  My T2i and 5D Mk III both let you put a copyright notice into the camera so it is attached with each photo.  I don't see any reason to strip EXIF data so I don't.  There are programs that can edit EXIF data, I downloaded some a couple of years ago to experiment with but I have not bothered with them since.  The Canon browsers and Adobe products all show EXIF data.

This is what the photo looks like when converted with all the default settings in ACR 6.7 beta which I need to convert the 5D raw files.


5 sec, F8, iso 200, 22mm, Nikon 17-35mm lens.

Probably on the original, I don't have a program at work to read it.

I tried with Jeffrey's exif viewer and got the same thing, probably because I usually use online photo editors and they don't keep the data on them.

Here is another NE.

20 sec, f 8, iso 200, 22mm, 18-105mm lens.

Here is another NE.

30 sec, F16, iso 200, 24mm, 18-105mm lens.

30 sec, f 3.5 18mm, iso 100 Nikon 18-55mm with a D3100

20 sec @ f 3.5,18mm, iso 100 Nikon 18-105mm with a D7000

f7/1   2.2seconds ISO 200

Rebel t1i 3.2 sec focal 80.0 mm f22.0 iso 100 not a night shot is that ok?


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