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Up to 3 pictures that depict a gloomy day....can be a child having a bad day (maybe a crying child) or maybe a rainy day or maybe huge traffic jam. Anything that you interpret as a "gloomy day". I like to see the different interpretations of a subject to people. You have until Jan. 19th at 2pm central time.

This cow seems to look like he's having a gloomy day

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Ok I hope I did this right. If not please let me know.

Nicely done Tiffany.  Now have fun watching the entries come. Comment on them and use your artist's eye. To close the challenge perhaps Terry can assist you with that.  Have fun. ~ Lea

Thanks Lea for helping me out. :)

Just let me know if you need hep but you are doing fine so far lol


Thank you Terry! I will ask :)


Gloomy and beautiful Lea......

This is great Lea! The barn is distressed and snow is beautiful but at the same time gloomy. No one wants to deal with snow well unless your going skiing or sledding or something fun

The poor barn looks like it has seen better days.

wonderful shot.

Thank you all


Gloomy day for somebody


Amazing Deals!

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