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Ok, this is a bit of fun,I'd like pictures showing the number 5.....

It doesn't have to be by itself

Originalty, etc will all come into it so be creative.Look around , the number is out there.......


2 entries

2 NE's

Editing fine

Archives fine.


Challenge will end 10.00pm UK time on Tuesday 6th September.


Have fun and please join in....


Don't forget your own topic :0)


Due to the lack, ie none, of entries to this point I've extended the challenge a day....

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I had to dig for it, but I found it.  Terry it is also Labor Day here in the US along holiday weekend...for some not to be spend behind the computer.  Also, read the sigh...pretty funny!


Forgive all my spelling errors.


Ha ha, great sign!
My topic would be "The Golden Hour or The Blue Hour.  Either one would be included in the challenge.
Picture of the same bar/cafe from a different angle.  I don't want to go there by the sign they have in the window, but there is also a 5 in the address on the door.
Owners must have a good sense of humour.

Topic of Choice: Butterfly

#1Trainee motorbike?

#2 Kadayawan festival

Thanks Janice

I got only one it is originally 5 , but reversed.

5 fingers :). My neighbor's kid, wanted to do something about this print.



I think the next daily challenge should be buildings
Nice,  Love to have this car.


Launch Sale Ending Soon!

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" hehehehe.  He fooled ya!  ↓"
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