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Sorry I  forgot the text. I took this photo of a flower growing  in a neighbours garden. It's the first time I have used a SLR camera,  so any pointers on how to get a better shot would be great. Also does anyone know what this bush is ? I have never seen it flower before.




This is a Dandelion Mr. Edmonds.  I have no idea what the greenery is in the background.....
It's a Globe Thistle ( ) Readily reseeds, bees love it.
The flower is not part of the bush but growing within it. The leaves look much like a typical thistle plant.
Thanks for the replies. It is about 4ft tall, and not part of the bush.  Never heard of a Globe Thistle before.  But I thought it was rather pretty..

Not dandelion! Cannot see the leaves. Not sure but will try to find out. Goggled globe thistle....Cheryl may be right. Not blue but.......

 Globe thistles are stalwart perennials that produce metallic-blue blossoms with perfectly round flower heads atop ribbed stems. Plants grow two to five feet tall and almost as wide. The spiny-edged leaves are white and woolly underneath.


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