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Hey Folks, hope you like my latest work :)

Kind Regards

Kenneth K Nielsen


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All of them turned out excellent, I especially like the one with the boat.  Was the air still when you took these?  Otherwise how did you avoid ghosting in the cattails?
Thanks :) I like the middle one the best  ... Ehm It was a bit breezy .. but when the grass and cattail moves i normally use Auto alignment after features and not horizon, this helps a bit and then I clone the worst parts. :)
Thanks for the tips, and the coloring definitely came out great in that second one.
Thanks Adrian :)



Thanks Suqavanam :)
very nice
Thank you very much :)

These are all really good.  I'm new to HDR and I just downloaded Photomatix Pro, the trial.  I'm trying to decide if I should get the whole program or not.  Do you use the presets, or your own settings?  Do you find that the photos need more post-processing after adding the HDR effect?

Thanks, Sherry

I like the second one the best and then first.

Hey Sherry


Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like them... I haven't come across a better program than Photomatrix... I do not use the presets but my own settings, it takes time to learn though but it is worth it... 


I am editing after it is finished in photomatrix but that is only to give it the last details... I know some people who only uses the settings in photomatrix and then publishes those photos and they are excellent. I think it depends on what you want with the photo and how you want it to look .


Kind Regards

Kenneth K Nielsen


My vote goes for the second image. The lighting adds a great deal of texture. Like the subject matter on the first image, but the lighting is a bit harsh. Taken when the sun is near the horizon would make this a great image.
Awesome shot, love it


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