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Hey people,

small question, I would love to buy a Nikkor 50mm, but can anybody tell me if there would be a great difference between the 1.4 and 1.8 version ?

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Hi Depechie, I own the 1,8 and haven't compared it to the 1.4...I know that is your question but, I am very happy with my lens. According to reviews the 1.8 is a steal when it comes to prime Nikon lens's. 100.00 dollars. I didn't hesitate to spend the 100.00 and I find the 1.8 to be crystal clear.

Hey John,

Thanks for the reply !
I was actually thinking the same thing... I would think the 1.8 would be fine enough :)

Hi Depechie, you will be very impressed with the lens for the price.

Both are great, I didn't see any real differences. Get either one! :-)
Hey Dawn... Yes I'm a BIG Depeche Mode fan ;)

I've recently bought a AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G and I have to say I love it very much!!!
please tell me what you are shooting with this lens, i recently bought one but have not used it yet.
Oh Sylvia I shoot a lot of things with it!!
Mostly normal family situations indoor and outdoor!
I have a Nikon 50 mm lens 1.4, very good lens and take sharp clean image, I recommend you should get the 1.4 if you are interesting in very sharp image, and it also shoot well in very low light situation,


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