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I'm torn between two macro lens's and I wanted people's input. I'm torn between the Nikon 85mm and the Nikon 105mm. I know the biggest difference is the price, but I don't want to get the cheaper and then miss out on what I could have with the more expensive. I know I will be using it for years and years so price really isn't a problem..

So if someone could tell me which they would choose or if there's one better out there please let me know!

Thanks a bunch!!

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It entirely depends on what you are going to photograph.
The 105 is great for nature
The 85 is a great portrait lens
The 60 is great for still life.

The choice is yours
Is there one that does all the above? Lol..

thanks for the help! I'm still trying to remember all the vocabulary when lens shopping so i get a little confused at times.
There is not a one does everything with a lens. As you still have not mentioned what you are photographing I would say go for the 105. It will still give you the 1:1 ratio. It will allow you to do still life. I am not sure about a portrait as I have not seen any portraits with this lens, a lot of photographers use the 85 as a portrait lens. The choice is yours.
I have the 105mm f2.8 lens. I love it. It has 1:1 macro capability and is an excellent portrait lens. Highly recommended.

Good luck.

yea I'm thinking of getting the 105. I want to use it mainly for close ups, and possibly some portraits. I'm tired of playing trombone with my other lenses trying to get them focus well enough. I hope the high price will make it worth it when I get to use it :S
I have the 105mm 1:2.8D. I'm luv'n it. You don't have to get right on top of your subject for a good close up. And for portraits, the 105 provides a nice comfort distance between you and your client. Any professional will tell you image quality is all about the lens. High quality comes with a price. Pro lenses are not cheap.
For many years when shooting film, I used the old Nikkor 55 Micro for many things and I had the extension tube for it and a Nikkor Bellows with the slide duplicator attachment for it also.
I did a lot of copy work with it and I took a lot of photos of collectable duck decoys for a special book.
The photographs were always awesome every time and extremely sharp.
So when I started shooting digital, I wanted the same thing only with autofocus, available to me also.
So, I replaced my old standby with the newer AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED.
Needless to say, I'm very happy. Keep in mind now, that it's an FX lens, so on a DX camera (aps size sensor) that it would actually work out to be around a 90mm lens.
See if you can find a stocking dealer somewhere around you and go check them and the cameras, out, in person.
If you have to, take a trip to a dealer just to check them out.
I have the 105mm f/2.8 and it is a great lens for most situations, works great in low light also, just my 2 cents worth!! For close up portraits and still life I use a 50mm f/1.4 in natural light.


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