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I wrote a discussion post awhile ago about how I was debating between getting the D90 and the D5000. Well today I was at Best Buy playing with the displays and I found something very concerning. While in the Sports/speedy setting, there was a big delay between pushing the button and hearing the shutter and the camera taking the picture. At first I thought maybe someone had put the camera into Manual and put some crazy numbers in, so I made sure it was on the speed setting and tried again and had the same issue. The same problem happened on both models as well as the Cannon display they had.

I don't know if it was slow just because it was a display and was overused, but I'm really concerned that if there is a delay in taking shots that I'm going to have an issue down the road if I get one or the other. My boyfriend rides Motocross and I don't want to miss good shots because of a camera delay, especially if I'm paying as much as I am for the camera.

So if someone could tell me if this is an easy fix, display camera was just flimsy, or if it is an issue I'm going to run into. If it is, I might have to start shopping for a different kind of camera or wait and see if a new model comes around before next fall when I plan to start taking photography classes.

Anyway if someone could respond and help me I would appreciate it :)


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The simplest fix is not to use the preprogrammed mode settings. I like to have total control of the camera, and use only A, S and M settings. For example, in your case, I would go to S (shutter) mode and set the speed to say 1/200. I would set the ISO to 400 or 800. This would insure a decent depth of field. If you just go to sports mode, you have no control over DOF and may lose background detail. Also, shoot in RAW so you can later adjust the white balance. Sounds complicated, but practice it and you will get better photos. I would go with the D5000, just as long as it is not one of the first batch that was recalled.
Where you looking through the viewfinder at some distant object? There is a possibility if you were just holding the camera that it was trying to focus on something that was to close for it to focus on. On most settings the camera will not fire if it can't focus. Just a thought, but it is one explanation.

I would go with the D90 but then I do own two of them.
No I was focusing on an object far enough away for it to take the shot. What it was doing was basically like taking a long exposure picture like when you take a picture at night and the shutters open and all you see in the viewfinder is black. I saw black for about 2-3 seconds and then the shutter would close. Yesterday I splurged and finally got my camera and decided to go with the D90 (mostly because that seemed the best, and was on sale as a package) and I havent had the issue at all. So I think since it was a display, maybe someone messed with a setting in the menu that caused it to have an extended processing time..or maybe the battery was just getting low.

The camera itself is amazing and scary at the same time. I don't understand how to use most of it at all, and what I do know I cant fully remember because I was out of practice for a long time with my film SLR. So until I get enrolled in school to take a photography class I'll try and mess around but for important shots I'm just going to stick to auto until I become more used to everything.

Thank you both for the advice! :)
Hi Sara,

Great choice of camera you won't be disapointed. Check out this site which is quite good at explaining most if not all off the settings on the D90.

Hope this helps, and enjoy and have fun with your new camera.
Hi Christopher,

Sorry about the late responce. Just found your message on here today. It is certainly a very good page and I don't know why Nikon don't have a link from there page to it, or if there is a link then an obvious one. I presume it has been done by Nikon. Glad to help and happy shooting.

Kind regards
Why should you expect a fast shutter speed inside a shop where there is very little light?
Without flash and the wrong ISO you will get the shutter speed you experienced.
It's not a case of someone messing with the settings, it's a case of you knowing the correct settings to apply in relation to the available light.
Hope you are getting to grips with your new cam and enjoying it..
I was trying to explain the process of taking photos while subject is moving.

"My boyfriend rides Motocross and I don't want to miss good shots because of a camera delay, especially if I'm paying as much as I am for the camera.

Anyway if someone could respond and help me I would appreciate it :)

Hi Adam,
you need to use continuous servo, dynamic area at 9 or 21 points - you can use various custom settings found in the menu..
Getting a fast shutter speed depends on the amount of available light, the aperture you have set and the ISO setting.
For example if you are shooting indoor BB then your settings may for example be 1/320 to 1/400, f/3.2, ISO 6400 depending of course on changing indoor lighting in the gym.
Shooting outside in good light will allow a much faster speed - it depends what you are shooting for the effect you want: airshows, motor sport, cycling, athletics, football etc etc..
A quick way to get a fast Photo taken, on just about any setting just switch the A to M mode on the lens, maybe you were experiancing this problem because their was no focus on the subject when test shooting @ Best Buy. I hope that this helped at least a little.
Also try switching the Dial to M mode, Then press the i button " info" twice. Move the curser to Release Mode which also looks like the letter s , and just adjust the setting, Super fast Picture shooting.......
Go for a D90 girl,
I myself own D5000 but as you said you don't want to miss out good captures on your boyfriends sports activity so, go for the most higher specs level of SLR. D5000 is only an entry level SLR yet there are other specs here that comes from D300 and D90 but you know 2 digits are better than 4 digits of model name.
Good luck on your shopping!!!
Good choice on the D90, I have a D90 and a D300 the picture quality is the same on both models.


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