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I recently purchased this lens - anyone else currently using it?  I have found the action to be a little 'gritty' or 'not smooth' like my other lenses.  I don't know if this is normal for this lens or if I should contact the place I purchased it from.  Photos seem fine, though I'm not sure what to compare them to...   

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I'm not familiar with this lens. The closest I have to this is my 14-45mm kit lens that came with my E300. I use it a lot for landscapes and close up shots. It is not an expensive lens. I noticed that Zuiko lenses come in three different quality grades the last time I checked the Oly website. My lenses are the standard quality ones. Someday, when I have an extra few thousand dollars laying around, I will look at the premium lenses. All of my Zuiko lenses move smoothly, so it sounds like it might be a defective lens.
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I do not have this lens. But I have heard a lot of reviews from another forum exclusive for Olympus DSLR owners, that this lens is one of the best in that category.
None of them who have ever used this lens has anything to complain, but only praises in terms of operating, build and image quality.

thank you both for responding, I think I'll contact the point of purchase and see what they say - I bought it because of the great reviews, and to be honest I'm not unhappy with the photo quality - it just doesn't feel right.... Thank you again
Mine is like that but it doesn't bother me. Fabulous lens. Still want a 12-60 though ... and a 11-22 ... and a 7-14. :)
It has been some time since you posted this, but I just recently purchased this lens. Like you it was because of such high ratings in the online reviews. I am very happy with the picture quaility and the low light benefits. It was not until I read your post that I went back and checked my lens for the 'gritty' feel. I found that the feel is very similar to my kit lens 14-45mm but the sound is more noticeable on the 14-54mm. I hear the difference more than I feel it.

Did they have an answer at the place that you bought it?
Hi Carl - They said I could send it back and they'd take a look at it. But honestly, it takes such wonderful pictures I can't part with it. I suppose had I bought it from a local store rather than online I'd just go in and ask. :)
Hi Cyn,

I just found this site and joined so I am way late and am sure your issue is resolved. I do have the first version of this lens (there is a newer version II that has a more advanced live view, face detection, etc.) And this lens is much heavier and larger than the kit 14-42MM lens. I wouldn't say though that mine is "gritty", just solid and requires a bit more effort to zoom due to the glass and extra weight of the lens. It is a fantastic lens as you and others have pointed out. The difference in low light settings is remarkable over the performance of the kit lens. I'd be curious to know now, months later, how you have fared with your lens.

- Jeff
i have got this lens and mine works fine i would think about geting replaced if your that worried about it but if it still takes good shots you will soon adapet


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