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2 perspectives.. can't decide which I like best.. Which one do you prefer?

I have a thing with real light versus artificial light.. so that is the concept.. What are your thoughts?

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Sorry to say - - - neither!.!.!.!.!.!

I was looking for tips on improvement, not for you to be a dick about it.. but hey.. thanks for clarifying  :)

Maybe next time offer your thoughts or tips for improvement.. which is what I was looking for..

Geesh Mike, your comment is a bit lacking in courtesy. You gave no reference as to which is the subject - the flower or the fence. Also there's no center of interest. Would have been nice had you offered some technical data to go with your request of criticism. When asking for criticism you may want to be prepared for negative thoughts or comments - just a mere thought on my end.

To clarify your request you asked, "Which one do you prefer?" Upon which I responded, "Neither." In essence I answered your question succinctly. So please don't call me names for which there is no call for. Thank you for your time.

Actually.. you didn't just say "neither" you said "neither!.!.!.!.!.!" with emphasis on the exclamations.. and for clarity I didn't call you a name, I was referring to your response. I have no problem receiving negative criticism as long as you explain why. Its called tact. I would never tell someone their photo sucked.. rather I would explain how to improve it, composure, point of view, angle, crop, effect, etc.. 


I was asking for help to improve on something I find interesting.. 


and I did give a reference at the bottom of the pictures, real light versus artificial light.. It is a light pole not a flower.. and as far as technical data I thought the title described what I was looking for, and the statement below the pictures clarified that..

2 perspectives (one focused on the light, and one focused on the fence)

real light versus artificial light.

From the two pics I would say the first one.
I'm going to have to go with the first one.....both are great photos, but the first one is pretty much unlike anything i've seen before.  Nice work!

Thanks Michael B. You described the exact reasons that I liked it as well. The fence disappears to make a frame around the light. I do think you are right about the portrait vs landscape. I cropped it to portrait, but I should have paid attention to that when I took the photo. Composition is everything :)


Thanks David!


Thanks as well Mike H. What I was going for is the sun overpowering the the artificial light just making it a shadow.. 

The first one is overall better, the dof is interresting. However the subject is not in focus and too much cendered.

The image is therefore difficult to read.

Thanks Patrick. Cendered? did you mean centered?  I wanted it to be centered and a little out of focus for the reason of showing the sun overpowering the light..
I'll choose the second, I like the object still looks like an obkect...
Even thoght there's not much bokeh..., still like the second...

See.. that is why I posted this.. I like them both for different reasons. I personally like the first one better but I can't seem to delete the second one :)


Thanks Stevanus!


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