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Lets see... On the first one the color looks horrible, does not seem to flow. Don't have a feel for what its suppose to be. Its just everything went wrong, Its hard to comprehend, or find the wrong words to say about the image when you compare it to the second one, which looks awesome (no joke). You cant get the natural light form the head light to look any better. Has great dept of field, feels 3D like. I mean its that good. Could it be better? maybe, depend on how the other angles look like. Which is a good possibility to consider. What car is this?
Hey Anatoliy. Thanks for responding with your thoughts. The subject is the same in each photo. These are photos of the headlights of a BMW X5; just different angles. I see that the color is a little different between the two, but I’m not sure I follow the big drop-off. In any event, thank you for your input on each photo. The headlights do this cool dance (I don’t know how else to describe it) when you start the car, but I wasn’t able to capture that well. These, however, caught my eye, but I wasn’t sure about universal appeal.
2nd one is perfect! I like the first shot as well, but that 2nd shot really just pops!! Those headlights are recognizable anywhere ;)
Thanks, Mike! I appreciate your input. They're definitely a sexy component of the car, at least in my opinion.


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