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Just experimenting with HDR and along with other Photoshop techniques. Tell me what you think.

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this is a great photo,if you can just bring down the noise some what i think it would be excellent. wonderful  experiment i will have to try some thing like this my self.keep up the good work.

It is a great image, like direwolf said, it has quite a bit of noise but also the poles stiking out of the water distract me and my eyes are drawn to them, maybe getting rid of them would be a good idea.  Othe rthen that Is a great image.

Thanks direwold and Cesar. Removing the grain no problem. How this? Removing the poles - I guess I could easily remove them using content aware, but they a part of what a world famous structure. I do see your point though, and thanks for the suggestion.

wow this is so much better.i like the poles for some reason.i would leave them.this is an outstanding photo.well done .

Amazing photo, don't really mind the noise maybe getting rid of the noise from the sky and water would really help. Have you tried using LR for editing B/W with the color adjustments or Silver Efex Pro 2. 

Looks good! Maybe you could try to increase the contrast a little (it's a bit too grey, lots of 'midtones') ... to see what happens

Thanks Anatoliy - I usually start with lightroom and have a select few of my images to really play with in photoshop - since it give you more control on what tweaks go where on the image. Have not try  Silver Efex Pro 2 but I am thinking of trying out Topaz to see if the BW come out any better than what I already have. Lea - I'll try playing with the contrast a bit and see if it helps - thanks.

You can try Silver Efex Pro 2 as a 15 day trial on their website.


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