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Does anyone have any suggestions how I could improve this photo?





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That is quite a nice photo.  The eyes of your subject are in sharp focus which is good.  Now just crop some of the bokeh out so that the eyes are on a plane with thirds both directions.  Repost and see if you might like it better.


I could show you if you would agree that I might.


I agree, need to crop this one and get the frog away from the middle. Crop out the top and ride side this will help your subject fill the frame.
Sam I would be happy for you to show me what you think. And thank you and Ed  for your comments on this photo

This is what I had in mind.

Sam thank you for your advice on this photo. I have had a play in photoshop with the clone stamp tool and this is what I come up with is this a better way to keep the photo at the same  size


If you still want to keep the original dimensions without the clone tool, another way is reversing the horizontal, putting the negative space to the left and balancing by having the frog looking into the image from the right..

Thank you Gary I did not think of doing this photo.


Thank you Warren,

closing in initially and getting the crop right in camera would be better of course because of the resolution lost by cropping in post..

The thing that bothers me the most, is that the light source is so on axis with the lens.  If you have the capability I would try some off camera flash for these.  I don't know what your set up is but I would take the flash off the camera and hold it out to the side with my hand, aiming it back at the frog.  You also could use two flashes, one on the camera and the other to the side to give more dimensionality to the photograph.  Ignore the rules of composition and do what feels good to you visually.  This is the art of visual communication.  Why would you want to be an imitator of anyone else by bowing at the alter of the composition gods?


Until Midnight!

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