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Hey, I need help deciding which picture I should use for my digital media class. our goal was to create a scene that would make you hungry. Personally, I'm a big fruit and veggie guy, so thats what I took a picture of. I can't decide which picture is the best, so if ANYBODY could help me, I'd be SO appreciative. And also, If you want, you could critique my shots. A big thank you in advance :)

And, in case anyone was wondering, those are not my nails, they are my sisters :) haha

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I like the middle one best.

The top one is a bit bland in my opinion.

The middle one has a very interesting composition, and I really like the drops of water/juice on the cutting surface.  Those drops make the picture I think... they grab my eye and enforce the "Mmmm.... apple....".

The bottom one is interesting, but the composition somehow makes me feel a bit off... the wide angle distortion is a bit off-putting for me.

I also felt the top one was lacking. Now that I'm taking a second look, it may be because it's lacking a certain crispness the following ones seem to have.

So i guess I will use the middle one! Thank you so much Shawn.

I like the picture in the middle best, I like how the fruit is reflected in the knife....

I can see your problem, they are all nice shots.  For me I like the third one.  The light cutting board leads the eye to the apple and the knife and fingers tell the story.  Fresh Fruit!  I did a little cropping and used Topaz Detail to spice it up a little to give you an idea of what might be done.

I personally like both the second and third.  One thing to mention about the second photo is that the reflection of the apple in the blade is nice, but you can also see the reflection of the camera and your hand holding it. that distracts me.

I agree with that statement, that was the first thing I saw as well. In saying that, I would go with the 3rd picture.

I know,I tried to get futher away, and then zoom in, but it turned out all blurry because I had to set a low shutter speed due to the lighting. It also doesnt help that I don't have a tripod. Thank you for the comment :)

Thank you so much! I don't have any editing software, besides whats available on my Ipod. This is such a big help.

Woo! I actually just downloaded Google Picasa and did a little experimenting :) Not to bad for my first time huh?

Picasa is a good program for beginners and it is free.  When you decide to step up, take a look at Corel Paintshop Pro.  I use to teach Picasa classes and still use it on occasion for something quick but mostly use Paintshop Pro x4.  Part of making good photos is proper editing which can include cropping and adjustments.  I think you can see the difference already.

Coral Painshop pro? I will definatly look into it. I've been considering photography as a career, among other less creative things. Seeing if I can handle editing software might help me.

I agree; the middle is best, bottom is second best.

Good luck on exploring photo editing.


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