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Love to hear your thoughts on this photo. it was one of the first I have taken with the new lens. I am trying to get a feel for it and how to use it well.

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great shot, love the 50 mm 1.8 I have one and it is awesome. Great DOF and light. Very good job.

Although the lens is relatively fast, I personally would have opted for one a bit faster, it's about the glass when it comes to lenses. The image you've shown here is good, but the choice of subject matter leaves some room for debate as the background yellows tend to attract the eye equally with that which is in sharp focus; hence light comes forward and dark recedes. What I enjoy the most of your choice of lens, and your image, is your enthusiasm and passion for the photography you're doing. Keeping these two things on the front burner will make you a better photographer in a shorter period of time. Use caution as you proceed, this thing we call photography is addictive and will destroy your budget (not really, but it sounded good) and will cause an uncontrollable twitch of the right-hand's forefinger. Enjoy your world around you with your new lens and keep sharing.

I agree with you about the yellow in the photo. I never saw it that way but now I cant miss   in your opinion, how is the sharpness of the photo.   with doing more photos of the same subject and same lighting, I found that f5 was the sharpest image so far.  it could have just be a lucky shot. 

And yes I love doing photography. I just dont get enough time to do it. I want to make it part of my life and turn it into a business someday. I am unemployed and decided to stop doing jobs because I need the money and instead do something that I love. 

The sharpness of this image is good. The "selective focus" is spot on.

You may need to learn a few things about the business of photograph before becoming a working photographer. The business of photography is not as glamorous as it may appear. You'll need several things in place such as the type of booking (Accural, etc.), a good accountant, an attorney, and you'll be working closely with local zoning and other such departments of the government. Tax ID's are a must have, reliable equipment is obvious, advertising must be consistant and well planned, but a Business Plan is first along with a Mission Statement. If you were on this side of the continent you could take my class that's in May. The bottom line here is it would be prudent on your part to work with a pro as an assistant for three or four years, then decide if being in business is for you.

Stunning Capture, with the subject clearly speaking itself out, all i`d suggest would be

1. More sharpness

2. More Contrast.

Perhaps now it gives a more professional feel.


Muhammad Bilal

Au contraire Muhammed,

it is never a good idea to globally use contrast and sharpening to 'fix' an image?

A selective curves adjustment is the correct technique.

You have now sharpened the background that should be out of focus because that was the original idea

of using this particular aperture. The background is also more distracting and noisy due to not being masked out.

With due respect, i think the DOF, in the picture corrected still serves the purpose but once again everyone has his/her own opinion, still i`d be thankful for your perspective, it sure seems pretty much logical, i`ll try that out too in my own shots, i`d love for you to see through my photos uploaded, and give your comments.

I'll have look a little later Mohammed,

i am teaching an editing class in half an hour and i need to prep :)

How does this second photo with my 50mm f1.8 look.


Until Midnight!

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