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sorry about the size, not to sure what size would work best when uploading it on here.

Shelby, this is pretty good, you should be proud.  It would be just a bit better to crop it so there is not so much dirt at the bottom, the right side is just past the ball and use the Curves adjust (lower the middle of the line some to darken mid tones). Look at The Art of Photography group when you can to learn more.  Here is what I talked about.

Well thank you :) and alright thanks for the feed back, your edit adjustments look GREAT... not to sure about what to do in the right corner of the photo though, like Dr.Mikey (below) commented that it is burry. Any ideas on how i could fix that, without completely cropping it out??

Dr.Mikey, well thank you for taking the time to give me some feed back, i really appreciate it:) and I'm not to sure where the blur in the top right corner came from either... might have to play around in photoshop with it a little bit more and i will repost on here, so you can see what i came up with.

well thanks again:) i really appreciate it Mikey. :)

Shelby, if the blurred area is on the original picture (you didn't smudge it on the computer accidentally) then you might have something on the lens or filter covering the lens.  Check to make sure it is clean.  Good catch by Dr. Mikey.

All that stuff in the upper right is editing problems, either a layer that was not aligned and only partly masked out, or the clone stamp got away from you.

See the marked up version.  (1) shows some electrical wires that are floating in the air.  (2) shows chain link fence up the pole much higher than the rest of the fence. (3) shows the tree has a bunch of branches with leaves that are not attached to the trunk of the tree. (4) shows the top of the chain link fence is missing the horizontal support and the vertical pole is offset just below the top.  Not circled, at the intersection of horizontal fence support and wooden pole, the horizontal piece is broken and offset.

The lens is fine, the editing is not.  You can go back to the original photo and fix it.

I'm not sure I agree with Camera Clicker for one reason, no one could be that bad at cloning and not know it.  Unless you have a little brother or sister who came along and messed it up and re-saved it without you knowing.  

Yep, I agree it was cloned but it was stated the Shelby didn't know how it got blurred.  I can't resolve that so she will have to understand what she did wrong (and admit it) and start over if she still has the untouched original.  It is another lesson for her if the original was changed.  My advice for improving the picture still remains.

the original photograph...

sorry but its pretty hard to edit out a chain length fence.

very true, did you end up moving the ball a little bit?


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