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This seems like a great forum to get some genuine feedback and suggestions. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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both pics seems to have something lacking in them. Those were boring pictures, though the situations suggest that they should not be.

on the first picture, I think you focused too much on the reflection, without considering the mood. In sunrise pictures, you have to be in the scene before the sun rises. I am thinking that there should been a fog in the picture but the photograph was taken late. Also, the sun seems a little up already.

the pole on the right distracts me, maybe you could a little more, or exclude it.

I believe you are using one a PNS camera, the aspect ratio suggest that.

on the second picture, the subjects are facing sideways, and there seems to be no intention in getting that. also, there seems to be no consideration of the mood in here.

This site offers a lot of information about composition so you only need a little more digging

EXIF data says Kodak CD33 Zoom Digital.

I like the sticks in the water.  That probably has more to do with it being a familiar scene than the photo itself.  Here is the same photo with some editing, some pin cushion removal, cropping to use the stick at the left as a partial frame.  I did not cut it out because of the branch, although I could have cloned it out. Some dodging and burning and some sharpening.

Another option would be a fairly severe crop, to get rid of empty sky and some water:

The geese are all facing the wrong way.  Perhaps shot very low to the ground from ten to fifteen feet left of the camera position?  That can be hard to do as your subjects are apt to move.


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