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I am working on a solo art show and I have decided to put photographs on the walls, I am a sculpture so the walls would have been blank. I would like you honest opinion on a couple images of 2 different images. I would like helpful hints and even what you feel when you look at the images. Thank you!



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I like the top one.  The eye in the bottom one does not appear to be in focus, I would not use that one.

I also prefer the top one. I like the fact that the one side is completely dark. I also feel that because the top person is younger, this shows how the youth don't have a voice of their own and always get told to keep there mouths closed as there opinions don't matter. It is also level where as the second photo is tilted. Also like CameraClicker mentioned, the top picture is more in focus.

I Like the first one but not so much the second.  It's not the person but the tilt and focus.

Very nice conceptual lighting, and a creative capture.

1. Just a lil bit of alignment as the reference for vertical would be the nose, a lil tilt produces a much more appealing resutl.

2. Skin healing on the forehead, adds to the effect.

3. A bluish tints adds a classical effect.

Else very nice effort, and sure did you produce a stunning result, Keep up the good wok.


Muhammad Bilal


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