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A place to receive constructive criticism on photos. Upload a photo to this group if you want to find out what you did wrong or what you could do better.

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This group is for negative feedback on photos or things that could be improved only. People tend to only comment on photos when they have something nice to say, but this group is designed to go against that trend so you as a photographer can find out what is wrong with your technique. So please don't be afraid to contribute a negative comment in this group on someone else's work.

If you would like to get constructive criticism on one of your photos here is what you do.

1. Click the Link that says "Start a Discussion"
2. Upload your photo to the "Post" section on the "Start a Discussion" screen. To do this click on the little photo icon next to the text formatting icons.
3. After your photo is uploaded you might add some text under it if you wish describing what you are concerned about or what you would like to hear opinions about.
4. Please do not use the attach section because then users will have to click on a link to your photo to see it. By using the "Post" section, users can study your photo more effectively.

Discussion Forum

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Vancouver BC Cityscape

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B&W critique

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children of Gheshm southern Iran.

Started by jahanbakhsh mehrbakhsh. Last reply by Ron Jul 22. 6 Replies

hello everybody. this is my first discussion here. nice to join the group and wish to read your critics . and above all wish to find new good friends.  :)Continue

The Street Author

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Hello all, I would be interested to read your comments about this image I took while doing some street photography. Does this work as a piece of reportage?…Continue

Lightroom + Topaz Clean used on photo from Tankfest 2014, Dorset, UK

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Passing by

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Bird in flight

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Took this in Ocean city last…Continue

What is wrong with this photo.

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Critique my photo

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This photo was shot during a maternity session. We live in Wyoming and wanted the nature present in the shots. This is a picture of the baby's little shoes on a branch. Please respectfully give…Continue

Please Critique my Picture :)

Started by Felicity Garner. Last reply by Felicity Garner Jun 18. 5 Replies

Can you please (be honest, but not rude) and tell me:What is good about this picture?What is not good?What would make it better?Thanks!!Continue


Started by Wayne Crichlow. Last reply by Felicity Garner Jun 14. 12 Replies

Hi again, I had my first wedding shoot for a family friend last month and have been sorting through the photographs. I thought I would share this one to get your thoughts. This was shot from a…Continue

Tags: groom, bride, colour, wedding, hands

Light Sources

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How do I get this sharper?

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The Red Box

Started by Wayne Crichlow. Last reply by Wayne Crichlow May 27. 4 Replies

Hi All, hope you are well. I shot this image of a new  "pop up" temporary auditorium in the shape of a large wooden red box which is part of the National Theatre in South Bank London  . This building…Continue

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Comment by Calvin Browne 7 hours ago

By just reading this group, I have learnt. I understand both Ron and Robert's approaches and welcome input in either way. "Now every time I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down".

Comment by Ron 17 hours ago

A picture is often worth a thousand words and far faster to read.  As long as an explanation of what was done is provided, along with the result, then it gets to the point.  If someone asked me how they could adjust a picture, on their computer, and I was standing there I would have them do a step by step.   That can't be done here.  Some people are just discourteous and never say thanks.  This happens with technical questions too, where no picture is used.  The questioner can judge the worth of the advice by seeing the result (assuming their monitor is somewhat correctly adjusted).  Simple advice may not need a picture but more complex corrections do.

Comment by Robert Davis yesterday

In response to Ron's comment.

What I am seeing is people are asking for what "they" can do, and not what someone else can do to their image, to improve upon their image or their technique. I'm seeing so many times, people showing their "Post Processing Prowess" using Photoshop or some other editor and not answering the question or questions the person is asking. In essence there is a serious breakdown in the communication. If the person doesn't respond or become very thankful, then it's often thought of as an affront or being discourteous. When in reality it is not either of these things. Instead the question asked is not being responded to in like manner - hence their question or questions go unanswered. So why should they respond to someone who is not paying attention?

Can this be resolved? Absolutely, but how you might ask? By answering their question directly and foremost. Then after that has been accomplished, ask if you can revamp or re-edit their image. This is strong and positive communication and supports those who are in need of good quality advice.

Just my point of view.

Many blessings

Comment by Robert Davis yesterday

Wayne - this image of the red and white stripes is quite compelling. To answer your question about when or what is acceptable when using blur; I see it as --- it is up to the artist to make that determination. It is their concept, their vision, so therefore it is the artists decision as to when or how much, and no one else's. Just my point of view.

Comment by Wayne Crichlow yesterday

When is blur acceptable? When it is intentional hopefully....let me know what you think. This is called Stripes! (Blurred Times).


Comment by Ron on April 16, 2014 at 8:27am

This is a note to those who post pictures for critique.  If someone takes the time, and in my case often fixes the picture, to post a reply then you should take time to reply back.   I and many others have gotten tired of spending time to impart experience and knowledge only to have it seemingly ignored by the original poster who is asking for help.  Now, not everything that is given is right or helpful but you should at least consider it and learn and give credit where due.

Comment by David Farmer on March 12, 2014 at 2:28pm

Thanks for the tips Phil.  I'll give it a go.

Comment by Phil on March 12, 2014 at 1:25pm

David I'd remove the pole in the middle of the building and the branch that curls down in the middle of the facade. These distract from the subject, the old building otherwise Its an awsome shot

Comment by S. Lloyd Winn on March 11, 2014 at 5:53am

Since you mentioned Post Office, I remember seeing a few of those around in years past...

Comment by David Farmer on March 11, 2014 at 5:38am

This old building served as many businesses over the years.  Originally it was a Post Office, then as the town grew, it became obsolete, and at last it was the spot in town for a beauty parlor.


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