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The  Group for sharing your photos, commenting on members work, talking about photography, help with editing and making friends.


Welcome to The Daily View! where we consider our photography, share photos old & new, talk about edits and ideas, play games and get to know each other.  The purpose is to encourage everyone to grow in ability, knowledge and thorough enjoyment of their art. We sure could use you in here!


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A  place for discussing our photos, sharing ideas and learning, fun and conversation.


These fine featured photos are simply an appreciation of member's work. Each Monday I select a photo from the previous week.

This week The Terry D`s fine photo is featured.



Required basic standards apply to all photos, including all game replies. Your photos must be level, your subject in focus and your image must show a respectable effort. Editing and artistic expression exempted.  

All opinions expressed must be respectful.  

No photo attachments, please.

Repeats are generally discouraged.



We have some featured game days as follows:

  • Relay Scavenger Hunt Mondays - The game will begin in the morning with a request for an item or a scene. The person who provides that picture will request the next scavenger hunt item. The game will relay throughout the day. 
  • Learning day Tuesdays - A tutorial will be put up and we can show the before and after throughout the week. 
  • Songs, Poems & Pics Wednesdays - With four variations of matching poems, pictures and songs, make sure to read the first post of each Wednesday! 
  • Artsy Thursdays - Turn your photos into artwork then show us your results. Post the before and after. Then share what processes you used so others can learn from your experience. 
  • A to Z Fridays - An ongoing Alphabet game for the day. No need to zip through it, cause we'll start back with A after Z Please take turns. One letter per person per turn. Or four to find. 
  • Edit my Photo Saturdays - Offer up an unedited photo for members to manipulate and see the results. Label the photo that you're sacrificing. 
  • Repeat Sundays - Since we have new members who have not seen your older great shots, bring them back out again on Sunday.


 ALL DAYS - Regardless of whether there is a featured game or not, you are always encouraged to share any of your work, your edits, photography links you've enjoyed or even your personal life. And commenting on other member's posts is appreciated.


The Daily View Art Gallery is a regular feature in our Discussions Box. We hope you enjoy la crème de la crème of our daily posts.. Three nominations are required to move a photo from our daily threads into the Art Gallery. You may make your nominations to the admin/owner or in the daily thread using the review collages. Come in and delight your visual senses with all our exceptional images.


In the best interest of all our members, we are going to resize gallery photos from here on out. We would like to do it for all the exisiting photos but it would be a tremendous effort to resize them all. So we will be resizing 20 photos. The rest will be sent to an invisible storage shed (deleted).

We will unlock the gallery for 5 days starting today. You will place your vote with a comment under the photos of your choice. Please limit yourself to 20 votes. You can do less, but you can vote for no more than twenty.

On the 22nd, the gallery will be closed to votes and the twenty photos with the most votes will be resized and saved in The Daily View Art Gallery. We will do this throughout the rest of the year with a final vote for The Top Ten Photos of 2014 in January.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. We have some amazing photos by people of various skill levels. They deserve to be recognized.

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THE DAILY VIEW Monday October 20th 2014

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Please do not add discussions of any type to the "Discussion Forum" below.  This area is reserved for the administration of the Daily View.  Please do all of your postings inside of the appropriate Daily View daily forum e.g., "THE DAILY VIEW August 26th 2014."  Thank you!

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Click today's date in the Discussion Forum box above.  

Post your comments in the daily thread.

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To post a photo in the today's daily thread, select today's date from the threads listed in the 'Discussion Forum' box. Once you have been redirected to today's thread go to the 'Reply to This' box under the day's opening post. Click the second icon as indicated by the arrow below.

A new box labeled 'Add Image' will open. You have the option of selecting a file from your computer or putting in a URL. Ideally, the image should not be greater than 800x600, although it will be adjusted to the thread width regardless. If you choose, select your Layout, Padding and Width, or they will simply default to the regular standard.

Click OK.

You may add typewritten comments in this box, either before or after adding your image. There are also icons to add expression to your text, such as bold, italics and underlining, and an icon to add links in your text.

When your comment is complete, click the 'Add Reply' box below and to the right.


Ending Soon!

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