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  I hope all of you are doing well. And hope y'all are all thinking and praying about our economy and all of the lost morals and values in todays times. Exactly what are our kids going to have to look forward too? The economy is about to crash. The US has never been this weak. Why is it that everything is made in China when it should be made right here in the good ole USA? And why are all these big companies all giving away all of our american jobs? Just to make sure their bonuses are big probably. Well americans its time to put our foot down... Speak up people look around you and see the truth. Our president is all talk no action. Watch the news educate yourself. During Obamas speech it was I this I that not we as it should have been. Remember God Bless America...

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Comment by SRT30D on June 29, 2011 at 12:38pm

And where do you want us to opine about this?

Businesses are moving out of individual states and this country because they can't afford the cost of doing business- has nothing to do with lining their pockets with larger bonuses. When a union worker costs you $100 an hour (an f'rinstance) and materials cost another $100, yet you can go to Mexico and get workers for $10 an hour and the cost of materials is $10, but you can sell the product in the 'States for the same price, what's wrong with that? There's no indication American workers are any better than Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Paks... etc... in fact, with the work ethic of many workers I've encountered in America, it's probably better made overseas.

You can see this same example happening in the photography world today.

When a professional- who makes his living shooting weddings and portraits- has to close their doors because the amateurs can do it at basement prices-and some do as good a job as the pro did- who's the customer going to choose? The sad part of this is, the professional photographer can't move his business out of the country and still make his product.

Of course the Dark Lord in D.C. is a Manchurian candidate, and is doing all he can to shut down American business, but he isn't doing it alone- so let's spread the blame around, especially to the American voting public.


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