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Photos taken in the heat of the moment can give such amazing results, is this a fluke?

Camera knowledge and photography knowledge today is priceless and the pros can charge what they like to share it with us through Seminars, lectures, photography schools etc etc and rightly so!!! A pro can spend a fortune on equipment, travel and expenses to develop their own business and portfolio and sharing how to take amazing shots must come at a premium, I am not pro but would love to be shooting at a superior level and only through peers and insiders and actual practice am I ever going to do that.

I have friends who ask “that’s a great shot, how do you do that?” “No seriously how do you do that?” how can you reply to this?  We are friends after all!

Sharing a few tips amongst immediate friends and colleagues is acceptable, right?

We can only tell people how we did take that amazing shot a few times. 

I will buy photography books/magazines of course always at a premium price with a free DVD on how to perform various photo manipulations cs5 or Elements. These are fantastic to people with a good understanding of how cameras actually work and the cs5 side of things is left to those who know how it works. I know people who buy these magazines in order to learn how the cameras work and how to take better photos, but surely without a base knowledge of the camera settings, this could interfere or hinder a learning curve? Many magazines I buy are purely to measure my own ability and to attain trends in photography, software and hardware.

 I am a chef, and that kind of makes it a bit easier for me, I have been interpreting people’s ideas for years out of cook books, TV shows and chefs doing live demonstrations. With these media show reels and other ways of viewing others work my own ideas were able to blossom, however it took a number of years to learn how to be a successful chef and to gather solid knowledge of the fundamentals of food and gastronomy. These fundamentals were the only way I could take an idea and make it my own other than just ripping it off and doing a shoddy job of it too.

Going back to can you just point a camera and get great shots? Yes you can and yes its luck and luck only lasts so long. When the luck runs out and the frustration kicks in because the moment has been lost, will the photography hobby go back to being a holiday past time? or a few friendly shots because you have a “posh” camera? These people/ friends need to be taught how to use their all singing all dancing dslr! So how can this be done?? And cheaply! We need to be spending money on locations and equipment, insurance and other means to better our photography credentials.

Blogs are now the leading voice in telling the world on how to use a camera, capturing light and just general photo imagery.

Photo stalking is an amazing voice of blog tutoring and is available through an email subscription and is fantastic.The next time and I shoot from the hip and capture an amazing image I’m going to count my lucky stars and take heed of the knowledge that I have acquired from my photo teachings and walk safe in the knowledge that the dial on my camera is not just for show.


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Comment by Janna Slaback on February 9, 2012 at 1:50pm

Great encouragement, Lee! The point is to continue to learn from the best, continue to become more and more familiar with what makes an excellent shot, how to manipulate the camera settings for the best possible outcome, learn photoshop and other techniques and basically, just keep on shooting ... but with thought.  Thanks!



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