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How to Get Enchanting Digital Photos of Your Newborn Baby

Clicking photographs of your newborn baby is one of the most satisfying experiences ever. Babies make for an adorable subject matter and all you need to do is to find the perfect way to use them as such. Read the article to know about some interesting tips on clicking great photos of your baby.
Newborn photography has become a passion not only for professional photographers but also for newly turned parents. Those first few months are made of some wonderful baby moments that if missed, they can hurt a lot. All parents want to capture the moments where their baby is smiling, laughing or just looking up at them. And to do this, there are certain things parents need to take note of.

Here are five great tips for capturing some of the most enchanting digital photos of your newborn baby.

1. Click in Macro – Newborn babies are perhaps the perfect subject matter for a photographer. Their cute little eyes, mouth, hands, fingers and toes make for an excellent opportunity to capture some great candid moments, especially if you zoom in on them. Set your camera to the macro mode and single out a particular body part and focus your camera solely on that. Doing so will help accentuate the focused part and will make the photography session completely an enjoyable experience.

2. Click Happy Moments – Watch out for moments when your baby is fed, burped and content. This is the moment when your baby will be more settled and calm. Even if they don’t smile, it would still be better than other times of the day when they are crying or sleeping. Some babies love their bath times, while others love their mid-morning feeds. Take photos at these moments because they will be most likely to smile and have their eyes wide open.

3. Keep the Camera Handy – Since no one can know the daily routine of your baby better than you, keep your camera handy during those initial days and months. You will find ample amount of moments during the day that you can capture in photographs. And these moments are fleeting in nature, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the living room, make sure you keep your camera on the ready.

4. Keep Shooting the Images – Babies change face and features almost every day, especially in those first initial months. And there’s no better feeling to watch this miracle. So, in order to capture these changing yet beautiful moments, it’s important that you keep shooting. Make it a habit to shoot images on a regular basis.

5. Shoot in Black and White – Consider changing the color mode of your shots; click them in black and white mode. Doing this has certain advantages – you can better deal with scratches and marks, and can have softened photographs. Babies are adorably soft and taking the color out of the image can really accentuate this feature. Furthermore, you can also try de-saturating the colors so as to have pastel-like images that can again give a softened look to your photographs.

This being said, all newly turned parents should also get some time off from photography duty. Do make sure to put aside the camera in order to spend quality time with your baby. Balance it out – don’t just click your baby, click moments with your baby!

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Comment by YACOUB ADELEKE on August 21, 2014 at 3:56am

Nice shots

Comment by Janna Slaback on August 1, 2014 at 6:11pm

Great advice and beautiful photos!!

Comment by Martyn Seddon on July 22, 2014 at 1:53am
Great advise - thanks

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