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Hi there, my name is Slava and I'm Russian, born in high North place Murmansk, moved to Moscow when I was 38. Almost all of my friends keep asking me why de hell I use film, it's 21 century! Well, I also use digital of course, but mostly for my family photography, all kind of events and celebrations and all. But for the street I prefer film, mostly bw with my Canonet and Fed, color with my LC-A. I can't explain why, just like the process. Indeed I don't feel the substantial difference, but it seems to me I can see the difference when I print my pics. It's hobby, and find this hobby pretty attractive, at least now I don't really bother about what to present for friends of mine))) and this is great opportunity - I print the pic (only difficult task to get proper one for certain man) choose the frame and present it, that's interesting deal in fact)). So I realized I didn't print too much digital, but film is something really another. What you think guys?

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Comment by Greg Carig on December 30, 2012 at 11:47pm

Film has it's own quality that digital still cannot produce. Yes, digital offers much better quality and cleaner images than 35mm film but as an artist, not a commercial photographer film gives me what I want in a picture. Also, I rather spend hours standing in a darkroom creating the perfect print than sitting at my computer editing images. I feel very accomplished when I see a great exposed wet print in front of me.

Comment by Slava on December 29, 2012 at 11:26pm
I can see the trend now, at least in Russia, people use film more and more, of course it is nothing compare with digital for sue, but the lab guy where I develope and scan my rolls says it is interesting observation. More and more youngsters use film (half of them lomographer)) and print their work! What is it? I can see the people of my age (48) got sorta nostalgie, but youngsters? Is it fashion? That's probably why mirrorless old fashion design getting more popular, people like the old fashion style? For me it is just one of the way to get back and attempt to turn time back (mentally succesful)). And yeah Clicker, I have number of digital lenses, but since i back to film I bought the adapter and use manual lenses in my digital. Also I see the benefit when I back to film, I've started to use mostly M mode in my digital photography, so film gives me more understanding and control to my digi.. Maybe it is because I'm amateur and didn't dig too much about the theory of photo?
Comment by CameraClicker on December 29, 2012 at 12:37pm

I have three film bodies which see very little use.  I have better lenses for my newer digital bodies.  I borrowed a film body compatible with my newer lenses and shot a roll.  My digital bodies are bigger and heavier but they produce better images and processing is faster and simpler as well.  It is possible but unlikely that I will shoot more film, I don't see any benefits.

Comment by Greg Carig on December 29, 2012 at 4:29am

Over half of my current portfolio is black and white film and were all taken this year. My friends recommend me shooting film again early this year and a little hesitate at first but I fell in love with it again. I also love the entire process of shooting, developing, printing and also scanning as I own a film scanner. I like digital but I wasn't happy shooting it all the time but now I'm a lot happier while shooting film.

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