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Photojournalism can not be separated from the photography. A photo journalist should master the basic photography as a handle in charge. Being a photojournalist beyond than just knowing how to take great photos. This is the first of two posts in photojournalism.

A fire extinguisher that uses heat-resistant clothing is carrying the victim out of the Boeing 737 Garuda Indonesian Airways destination Jakarta-Surabaya after the previously received bomb threats in the Emergency Response exercise at Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta, 2004.[Tommy Satria Photo]

In the first part, will discuss how to take pictures in the style of journalism and how to mix reporting with photography. While In the second part, we will look into more than how to become a photojournalist and make a career out of it.

{Your Preparation}

Here you considered already mastered the basic techniques of photography, so how to take pictures, when to press the shutter button and release it, the lens aperture, ISO and others. Thus, if there is a good moment to be captured - you get used to and not stiff or nervous.

However, you need to remember that not all places allow to take pictures. Why? This code of ethics that have been associated with generally accepted as set out in the Code of EthicsThe National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) - A community of professional society that promotes the highest standards in visual journalism, acknowledges concern for every person needs to either fully informed about events public and danri recognized as part of the world in which we live.

And foremost as a photojournalist is to adjust the matter of clothing you wear-you will not show up to shoot a president simply by using the sandals and T-shirts alone. Or maybe instead you shoot fire by using a black suit and tie.

{Arrive early, Home Over End}

Being a photojournalist is required to capture the scenes before and after the event or events. While this is sometimes a debate among photojournalists. But at least for one or two events you can take action to come early and leave late.

Some of the officers was carrying ballot boxes to polling stations 23, in Bojong Gede, Bogor, 2004 [Tommy Satria Photo]


Your photos tell the story to be credible and accurate. You should always take photos of what happened and not what you think should happen. Not every opportunity will be sensational and do not need to be news. Never interrupt the flow or get things subject to re-pose or do something.


With regard to accuracy, processing or post-shoot editing photos, it's worth the excessive use of photoshop is not allowed. An image should not cheat, so do not need much editing just to get rid of something that is disturbing.

{Do not lose sight of the bigger picture}

A good photograph does not always mean it's newsworthy. Never lose focus of the story you are trying to tell. Photos should always be relevant to the article end. A close-up shots of flowers are great if you include flower show, but not so great when you're reporting sporting events.

{Capture Emotions}

Although the close-up objects can not convey much information, but a close-up photograph of a person can say so much. If it's an event, anticipate what kind of emotions that will be displayed and patiently waited. Zoom in close and crop out unnecessary distractions.

{Be professional}

As a photojournalist, you not only a photographer behind the camera. Your company faces really well. Always be professional in your approach and respect for others, journalists and local culture.

{Better writer}

Most photojournalists also write news articles. Start small and just write 200-300 words. Make an interesting article. If you do not get the attention of readers in 50 words, then most likely they will stop reading altogether. Get a friend to read it and offer some constructive criticism.

Do not forget to practice writing a description as well. Description help direct the focus of the photo and give a little background information for readers. A description of both short can make better pictures.

{Yes, you can be creative}

The main focus of photojournalism is to document the events and subjects in the news format. However, there is no reason why the photos need to be bland. And there is nothing stopping you from snapping up additional photographs. For inspiration, look at the collection of the best photos with the photo journalist at Reuters, the Associated Press or Getty.

{Orientation News}

Stay orient your thoughts on the news that will most interest your news will greatly assist the development of yourself becoming a photojournalist. Whether it's global news, local events, or just a specific topic you are interested. Get RSS feeds such as Google feed and start subscribing to your favorite news website.

{Think big, start small}

There is nothing wrong in having goals to work for a famous newspaper. However, you have to start somewhere, so see if you can get mangang in your local newspaper. You may be asked to cover the worldly events and issues, but it's a great opportunity for you to gain valuable skills and learning the ropes media industry. It is always a major newspaper of reference for journalists, especially those new photos go into photojournalism. However, the opportunity to explore the lessons from a small newspaper will lead you to career opportunities in major newspapers.


Portfolio example 

You never know when someone wants to see your works. So be prepared and have aportfolio ready, both in print and online. Fill your portfolio with works of extraordinary you really love. A large portfolio with only a small number of photographs, is better than a large one filled with lots of photos but ordinary.

{Start a blog}

Portfolio and blog now seems to be one entity. In the previous article discussed the importance of improving your writing skills even though you're a photojournalist. Start a blog and write there thoughts, ideas and even your mind. Many blog services out there that are good, you can try WordpressBlogspot or Tumblr.

{Social Media}

This is one way in which you can relate to many people in this world. Social media tools, especially Twitter and Flickr, a major in three ways. First, they are useful to relate to people from the media industry. Second, they can keep you informed of global issues that are the trend. And lastly, they are actually pretty good tools that can get you noticed by others.

{Began sending stories}

Do not wait until the media contact you. Proactive and start submitting your own articles accompanied by photographs to newspapers and magazines. become freelance or stringers photos can increase the "selling power" you as a photojournalist. The more articles you submit, the better chance you have to get published and see. You really do not have much to lose and everything to gain.

{Working for free}

Internships are not just for high school students or recent graduates. But keep in mind that not all media companies can provide you with internship opportunities. It is better you envy your portfolio proposal is accompanied by a request to be allowed internships. Internships can provide a great opportunity for career development or skills. Although you may be working to pay the minimum or none at all, it's certainly a great way to get your foot in the door for the industry.

{Join the Photo Contest}

There is an abundance of photo competition that runs all the time. Follow some or one of not only gives you a chance to win big prizes, but also offers a free pulikasi for your photographs even if you do not win.


for more article please check my blog and portfolio

[Tommy Satria]

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