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My name is Carter Carroll. I have been a member here for some time, but haven't been active for the past few years. I've been in sports photography mostly for school for the past few years. Recently, I was contacted through a teacher how runs our school newspaper. I've recently been taking sports photos for them. The local town newspaper asked him to find somebody who would be interested in working for them, covering high school sports photography. He immediately asked me. We briefly spoke about it, and I told him that I was interested.

Then today, I went to talk to him about the job more in depth. He told me that I would be writing articles to go along with the pictures. He then informed me that I would not be getting paid for my work. Doing this work would make my load increase a good bit. I'm our yearbook's editor, I take pictures at most school events, and I also five hours classes as well. If I'm going to be putting forth the work, I'd like to get paid for it. I know that it would be a good business opportunity, getting my name and works out there for free, but I sure would like to get some money for it. I would really like some professional opinions and advice on this. I'm going to have a meeting with them next week, where I will be presenting a portfolio to them and discussing things with them. Thank you for reading!

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Comment by jack p baggelaar on January 29, 2014 at 1:39pm
If you can do the newspaper without sacrificing your schooling then I would do it for the experience and it will add to your resume.don't sacrifice your school grades because that is the reason your in school.
Regards jack
Comment by CameraClicker on January 24, 2014 at 6:28pm

Sometimes an unpaid internship results in paid work later.  Sometimes they just take advantage of free labour.  Either way, you can put it on a resume.  Only you can decide what it will be worth, to you.

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