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Last time I was talking about the effects of knowledge overloading and how some of us could be affected by it. Somehow, it might be misunderstood in a different way, but what I really wanted to stress out is to strike a balance between being too technical, overly conscious of what the final outcome should be and about the joy and happiness the photography brings. There should be no overlapping of these two points. I hope this would clear that out and so now moving forward...

Criticism, are you ready to take one?
To be criticized is not easy, it really depends in your capacity to accept one. There's the feeling of being belittled or placed on a hot seat every time and by nature, nobody wants to be seen with faults, we all wanted to be perfect. Hearing or reading criticism can be very harsh for first timers or even old timers alike and once ego starts to fill in, it blinds the logic and destroys the real aim of why we present our photos for critics and comments. So before you post your photos for any criticism, be prepared and condition yourself for what to expect.

Criticism is either positive or negative but the ones that can truly mold us are the positive criticism or feedbacks that we get from the advisers. From my experiences, usually good advisers are the ones who do not only see faults or mistakes in your photos but high lights them and offer pointers to achieve that perfect shot we all wanted to have. Some may even extend in giving time to review your before and after shots once you've learned something from their advises. They would offer good sites where you could learn more, suggest forums, and even share their personal hand outs with you. They can be critical at times, they do not like your photos just for the sense of liking it but rather, give you tips if they feel you need one. You'll know when you have met one because you do not only learn something, but you also feel growing slowly to becoming a better photographer each day. This to me are the marks of a good adviser.

I really appreciate some members here in this forum/site of how genuinely they are in their intention to help beginners like me achieve that good/perfect shots.They are the most patient and understanding people I've known that whatever questions and advises I seek, they are so ever ready to give it without second thoughts. From photos to lenses. I truly am humbled by them. These people are my mentors here and I think they know who they are. Guys THANK YOU so much. :)

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Comment by PRATAP MISRA on February 17, 2013 at 1:02am

Frankly speaking, no body is perfect 100 out of 100. Just 5 years back beginners and amateurs used to print all 36 negatives out of their camera and professionals just 15-20 or slightly more. Now in this digital era may be professionals used to keep only 10% of their photographs and rests 50% after review. 

It is also true we learners should not think about the negative of a picture after being criticized rather to learn the problems from it. Good advises always appreciable. I hope we always get good advice here for our mistakes and and there is no ego behind it. 

Comment by John C on February 14, 2013 at 3:30pm

True, I can attest to that, people here are very open minded about giving advises. It does sucks many times especially when most of the time we really think we had the best shot and after presenting it for C&C (comments and critics), I am so amazed by the things they see that I didn't saw about my photo. So there's goes my ego. It's a good starting point to learn from positive criticism, you get this Aha feeling afterwards. :)

Thanks Jeff for reading. Have a nice day.

Comment by Jeffrey Moore on February 14, 2013 at 12:57pm

Good thought! They are very helpful here and I for one want them to give it to me strait even if it hopelessly sucks.

I check my ego at the door.

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