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  • What process did you go through to capture your photos this week? I tried taking different photos that still involved cheerleading for my self portraits. I took the photos at krug park, set my camera up on a trash can and set a self timer so I could capture the photo and just have the same type of photos. Other photos I took off myself in a mirror and tried and make it creative by getting one side of my face in the mirror and the other side that wasn't in the mirror.
  • What did you learn this week? I learned you could capture self portraits in different ways instead of just taking a picture of yourself. You don't have to just take a picture of your face you could cut half your face out or you could take a picture of a different body part that represents you.
  • What went well and was a strength in your photos? capturing what I love but doing in a different way and not just wearing the same thing. you can take a picture of yourself in any way that describes you. I think my mirror photos were strong because its not just a simple photo its in more detail and shows 2 sides of myself and not just a straight on image of myself.
  • What did you struggle with and what could continue to improve? finding a different way to take pictures that wasnt of just myself and something else that describes me.
  • What did you do to create a successful composition in your photograph? I didn't just take straight on photos, I changed the focal point around to make the photos more interesting.

What did you enjoy about this assignment? What were your frustrations?

I enjoyed being able to take photos of myself in different ways. I didn't like trying to figure out ways to make the photos better and more interesting than just a straight on self shot. It was hard trying to come up with different ways to take the photos.

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Comment by Molly Read on December 17, 2012 at 6:49pm

Nice job reflecting on your process this week!

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